Gavin & Kingston Are Palm Springs Pals

Gwen Stefani & family continue their getaway in Palm Springs as daddy Gavin competes in a charity tennis tournament. Kingston, who will be 3 in May, was playing in the back of a golf car. Gwen was spotted taking baby Zuma, 6 months, for a stroll in the California sun.

In a recent radio interview, Gwen talked about Kingston’s taste in music: “He likes hits, he’s like his mom, he likes just all the hits. Any song that comes on, he’ll get ****, if you turn the station. He’ll be like, ‘That’s my song, that’s MY song!’ He’s really into anything that’s popular and he’s really into Britney’s songs. Really, a lot. He’s really into her. Because she actually lives on my street and he would go over there(…) He thinks she’s really great. And he flirts with her and stuff. He’s just into popular music. He’s into music that’s for sure.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News / Splash

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  • Theresa

    the soother has to go NOW!!!

  • Sophie B

    As a speech therapist I agree 100% the pacifier should go! They can affect speech and weaken muscles in the child’s jaw (as do extended use of bottles and sippy cups!) Little Kingston may have regressed due to the baby but it is important to reassure him in other ways and not give in to cries for the pacifier! He is adorable and appears to be an active and happy child, I don’t see pictures of the baby with a pacifier either so please throw them out now!!

  • emily

    blah blah, leave the kid alone, he’s not your child, so why worry? gwen and gavin are great parents so he’ll be OK….

    gavin and kingston are such a sweet pair!!

  • Jacky

    You are not the Parent of Kingston- So leave him alone U Don´t know them :/

  • special education teacher

    how do you know they are great parents? that cracks me up when statements like that are made….

  • Sophie B

    So Jacky, are you Kingston’s parent then? This is not an attack on the child or his parents, I pass on my knowledge to parents everywhere as a lot of parents are not aware of the negative impact from pacifiers and I see it every day

  • momto3

    I must say that we just got our son who will be 3 in April off the pacifier. He has been off of it for about 3 months, but My hubby and I can both tell that it has indeed affected his speech. He is improving, but not at a level where he should be. So all of you ladies who are saying leave it alone, are very wrong. Because my son is proof that its not good for them!!

    Also, just because people are famous Hollywood Stars and all doesnt automatically mean that they are GREAT parents!!! You dont know them so you cant jugde them either way!

  • Jess

    How do we know they are great parents?
    Well it’s pretty darn O-B-V-I-O-U-S. The love & affection they have for those two little boys show in every picture. Your comment actually cracked me up MORE than the statement that was made above LOL!

  • suz

    THis child is going to have ‘binky mouth’ which is a very real malformation the front teeth as if someone pinched the upper jaw and pushed the teeth into a rounded point- much like modified buck teeth in which the pacifier fits perfectly.

    Take the pacifier away. It is bad for him for all the reasons listed and it looks quite ridiculous.

  • AnnMarie

    Their is a fine difference between they SEEM like great parents and they ARE great parents. Judging by pics, videos, interviews.. yes they SEEM like it! Why are we even discussing this topic, and debating over it just plain old stupid!!

  • ivy

    being great parents isnt going to fix his speech and teeth.
    so many parents just stick a pacifier in their childs mouth so they dont have to hear them.

  • Audrey

    None of my three children had a pacifier yet all ended up in braces. My two granddaughters took them until 3 1/2 and have perfect teeth. Time will tell and often it is more genetics than anything.

  • melanie

    oh WOW! i knew as soon as i came to these comments there’d be witchin about the freakin pacifier. leave them alone, it’s no biggie, my daughter had hers until she was 3, he will be fine. u guys act like he’s walking around brandishing a gun or something. yikes…

  • Carlie

    He’s not a baby. He’s a child. Children don’t need pacifiers. Giving pacifiers to children is lazy parenting. He looks ridiculous with that thing in his mouth and it’s damaging and it needs to go.

  • ker

    he’s ONLY two years old. you guys need to take it down a notch. it’s really not that serious!!!

  • LilNick

    I really don’t understand why such comments like all the above are even allowed to be shown!!!
    If you don’t like it then don’t look or bother to leave a comment!!
    Such a waste of time =(

  • melanie

    great comment lilnick, i agree. people are so ridic.

  • anna

    @lilnick comments like that are allowed to be shown because they are not offensive but they are expressing an opinion.

    Just because an opinion differs from your own doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be allowed to be displayed on the site. This is a forum where we can discuss the pictures and news stories published. You can’t ask us to censor our opinions merely because they aren’t positive.

    According to the rules of this site as long as comments aren’t personally attacking the celebrities (or their children) then they are acceptable. An attack would be something along the lines of “Gwen Stefani should not allow her almost 3 year old son to use a pacifier and I am going to hunt her down and kill her”. Whereas “I think he should have his pacifier taken away because it’s bad for him” would merely be expressing an opinion. Ok?

  • momto3

    He’s not 2 he’s fixing to be 3, and to old for a pacifier. It looks ridiculous as well!
    Like I said be4 my son is proof that its bad for them!! We all have a right to our own opinions. Thats what the comment section if for!

  • Theresa


    thanks for the support for those of you who believe this soother should go…and for those who freaked…LOL!

    just my opinion…in the comments section…relax!!!

    besides being bad for him I think he looks ridiculous with it in at this age…there freak out over that!

  • Dea

    @LilNick, so let me ask you what is the purpose of the moderators providing comments bar then? People come here to check out and give comments, regardless it suits you or not!

  • Amy

    I think some of the commenters needs a binky. 😉

  • cat

    Blah Blah people….. He’s a little boy. Who cares if he has something that helps sooth him. Thats the problem with this world today we don’t let our children be children. We want them to grow up to fast. I had a paci until I was 2 and I sucked my thumb until I was 9. I have perfect teeth. Bad teeth are genetic and for the speech, he is 2 ,he will learn how to speak properly when he is older. Get over your selves people. Take about something else. ( like how are new president is going to ruin this country) watch out now the crazy comments will come.

  • Me

    Let him “remain a baby” by having a special blanket in bed at night or something else that is soothing. Why risk it with something that could affect his speech and/or social development?

    Additionally, how is he developing emotionally if still sucking on a pacifier for comfort? He is not learning to seek out an adult for refuge or even how to deal with his own emotions. Actually, not even being given the opportunity when they just shove this in his mouth.

  • Dana

    My son (now 11) had his paci until he was 4. He has perfect teeth and will not need braces and is a very well rounded, normal kid. No damage done. It has nothing to do with lazy parenting, but more so as a soother for the child. Poor Kingston is hounded day and night by the paps so why would you take something away that is obviously very comforting to him? As for speech…well my son is dyslexic and dyslexics are quite ‘tongue tied’ anyway. Leave him alone. He’ll be fine!

  • Audrey

    lilnik – Since some for for, some were against, and some didn’t care, who of the “above” should not be allowed to show? It is afterall just a blog site than even allowed you to be judgmental.

  • al

    Does Gavin spend any time with his daughter? I seem him almost everyday with Kingston but I have never seen him with Daisy, not even when she was younger and he was the godfather :s For me a good dad or a hands on dad is the same with ALL his children. Not a great IMO

  • Breezy

    This kid is adorable. He’s my favorite!

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