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Joaquin Pheonix Leaps Off Stage, Confronts Fan At Hip-Hop Show – Huffington Post

It’s Organic, But Does That Mean It’s Safer? – NY Times

Kids Watching TV All Day – How Bad? – ParentDish

Arkansas Teacher Used Tape To Get Students To Sit Still – lilsugar

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnton Split – Celebitchy

John Mayer & Jennifer Anison: Broken Up? – ICYDK

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  1. AnnMarie

    I’m SO, SO sick of this magazine. It’s full of crap, and it rarely sells. So the company should just call it quits. Useless.. just.. USELESS!

  2. Aya

    what’s up with Ang’s lip?

  3. FLOR

    if i where brad ill sue their assessss!!!!!!!

  4. Peta

    ‘Brad races away on his motorcycle’. I actually laughed at that.

  5. ker

    i laugh every time i see a headline for this magazine! rofl rofl

  6. amanda

    so ridicuous…the press tries to break up their relationship… but it just makes them stronger love them ?

  7. Rosy J

    Star Magazine is notorious for making up lies! They are the worst gossip rag out there.

  8. Kim

    Brad would never do such a thing.

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