Jennifer Lopez Plans A Post-Baby Comeback

A year after the birth of her twins Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez is ready to get back to work.

Jennifer, 39, is set to start filming Plan B, playing a woman who meets “the one” after she becomes pregnant with twins through in vitro fertilization. J.Lo certainly knows what it is like to be a mom of multiples, though she has said that she and her husband Marc Anthony did not conceive via IVF.

A friend of the Jennifer’s tells OK! that the Maid in Manhattan star is itching to get get her career back on track, saying, “She used to be the belle of the ball, and now she’s a fifth wheel.”

Jennifer and her pal Leah Remini were spotted shopping at Frances Klein Classic Jewels in Beverly Hills this weekend – the store closed its doors to the public temporarily so the two friends could browse in private.

Will you be looking forward to Jennifer’s Plan B?

Photo: Fame Pictures

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Since when do “fifth wheels” get a major store closed to the public just so she could browse”in private”?


I’m not looking forward to her movie, none of them actually, now and in the future. I don’t think she can sing or dance, acting she’s improving (at a snails pace). lol I’ll watch it on tnt or online for free. But, I won’t be contributing to her rich a$#. She doesn’t even realize how grateful she is. 2 healthy children, a wonderful husband, and she’s rich. She must be lacking a lot on the inside, especially when she makes comments like this.


She is so high maintenance.

She obviously forgot where she came from!


Never cared much for her, and that was before the whole Bennifer thing blew up like a rash. Either way, I’m sure she won’t starve.


I like Jennifer. I was just commenting that she thinks she’s a fifth wheel but still gets treated like royalty.


I find all her movies tedious and boring, her squeaky voice and horrible acting make me want to stick a pencil in my ear rather than sit through one of her horrible movies, much less pay to see her “act”.


I can see the point of closing down the store temporarily. She’d be hassled too much otherwise, people wanting autographs, crowding around….I can see her getting back into acting as she was not a bad actress. But singing – not so much.


Oh boo hoo. Poor JLO. Snore. I am so sick of this narcissist and her complaining. “I want a baby.” “I want a career.” Whatever.


I used to think closing stores for celebs was weird and divaish, but think about what its like to try to have a simple shopping trip, or even browse for things you dont want the entire world to know about (intimates, etc) with 5 or 6 men following you around snapping constant pictures

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