The Alba-Warrens Get Groceries In LA

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and their 9-month-old daughter Honor Marie spent the afternoon grocery shopping in Los Angeles on Saturday. Jessica and Honor both wore cute headbands.

On giving birth, the 27-year-old actress recently stated, “Contractions aren’t that bad. If you’ve ever had bad cramps? That’s what they’re like. But that moment when they put the baby on your chest – that’s deep. It’s a deep experience.”

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So nice to see cutie Honor and her lovely mom! 🙂


She doesn’t look the least bit pissed in the fourth picture. Why do people say she looks pissed all the time when she doesn’t even look pissed in all the pictures from one post? Why not just post “i don’t like Jessica Alba” or not post a comment at all if you’re not even looking at the pictures?

I’d probably look pissed off all the time too if I had paparazzi following me and my baby everywhere. However, I didn’t appreciate her comment either, my contractions were a LOT more intense than menstrual cramps. I wish she had qualified the statement to “my” contractions weren’t that bad. I hate when women make out like childbirth is no big deal because they were lucky enough to have had a relatively easy time. Maybe it was for them, but for some of us, childbirth hurt a lot. At least until my hero, the anesthesiologist, came and gave me an epidural.… Read more »

This kid is not that cute at all. Her eyebrows look fake, almost like they’re penciled in.


Katrina– she didn’t make the comments 9 months ago… she said it recently in a magazine interview. I remember because it really annoyed me that she said it. I was induced with my son 4 months ago with only gas and air for pain medication, and it hurt SO much lol, so her blanketed statement about how ‘contractions aren’t that bad’ left me feeling a little irked.

Honor is one serious, cute little girl!


Haha mistake– I meant to type cup with a straw instead of sippy cup



9 months old and using a sippy cup already? Isn’t that a lil too soon? I waited till my son was a year old to give him one.

Honor is very cute, but I hate those headbands.

Jessica almost always looks angry or something!


Honor, looks like daddy to me 🙂


I woudlnt call 9 months ago recent… what was the point of reminding us all about some of that rather ignorant comment other then to stir up some viewage/controversy?

Miss Foxy

Hmm…is it just me or does baby Honor always look so pissed off? I alway see Jessica and Honor look so angry in pictures! I like happy bubbley babies 🙂

Sometimes I’m amazed at what people find to comment on…. My daughter couldn’t figure out how to use a sippy cup. She kept leaning over trying to suck the liquid out. So I gave her a straw cup (at 9 months) and she took to it just fine. Later on she did try to tip that back. So she now drinks from sippies. I’m not too happy about that as straws are better for their language developement and oral health. Anyway, my point is, each baby is different and will do things when they are ready. The idea that it’s… Read more »