Jessica Alba Is A Music Class Mama

Jessica Alba was seen taking her 9-month-old daughter Honor Marie to her weekly music and activity class in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The adorable tot was seen sporting another headband.

Do you like headbands on baby girls?


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  1. jhoo

    Jessica looks like such a mom, not like someone who’s angling for a shot in US. 🙂 Honor is as cute as ever! I don’t mind headbands once the baby actually has hair – when the hair hasn’t grown in yet, it seems silly.

  2. His Mama

    Honor is such a little cutie pie. I like handbands on baby girlies, especially when the girlies don’t have too much hair like Honor, it adds that extra punch of girly-ness.

  3. dlock

    I like headbands when they start to get a full head of hair. But, I don’t like the ones that are so big, the kid can’t hold their head up. lol

  4. Rinoa

    I like headbands on girls regardless of their hair. They are just so girly and cute.

  5. Peta

    My mother hates headbands (and hair accessories, in general) on babies, hair or no hair. She thinks they’re ridiculous and unnecessary. She was even upset that my grandmother snuck in a hairclip when someone took a photo of me after my christening.

    As for me? I prefer the child to have some hair first, and I’m not opposed to a small headband (like Honor’s) in that case.

  6. Pencils

    No, I don’t like headbands on babies. Who cares if you can see if the baby is a girl or not? Is it somehow important that you know the baby’s gender? I’ve always found headbands to be uncomfortable, so I can’t imagine forcing my baby (I have a baby girl with little hair) to wear one for my reasons. She certainly doesn’t want to wear one–she’d go naked if she could! 😉

    I have a set of baby hairclips that I won–possibly from this site–which are just adorable, but after my baby was born I found myself wondering if they’re a good idea: aren’t they a choking hazard? My daughter puts everything she can get her hands on in her mouth. Hmmmm.

  7. melanie

    i looove headbands and other accesories on baby girls, b/c sometimes that’s the only way you can tell they’re little girls, lol.

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