Tina O’Brien Felt Like a Frumpy Mom

Though the 25-year-old Coronation Street actress looked “the healthiest I think I’ve ever looked” immediately following the birth, it seems things changed once she settled into life at home with her daughter. Tina admits that 35lbs of baby weight, coupled with the ups and downs of life with a newborn, made it a difficult time.

“I felt really frumpy, not just because of the weight, but because you’re in a transitional period as a new mum,” Tina says. “Your life becomes totally devoted to your child, which is amazing, but you end sitting around in slobs covered in sick. I felt unattractive, but I was expecting to feel that way. I felt hormonal as well.”

Hormonal, but not depressed, Tina notes: “I didn’t suffer from depression, but I think every new mum gets tired because your body doesn’t feel like your own after you’ve given birth.”

Luckily Tina’s boyfriend, and Corrie co-star, Ryan Thomas helped her keep things in perspective.

“Ryan was great when I was feeling down. He kept telling me how gorgeous I was and made me feel glamorous and reminded me that I’d just had a baby.”

Did you feel “frumpy” in the months after becoming a mom?

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  • Jenn

    “but you end sitting around in slobs covered in sick”

  • Hannah

    No way! I felt like superwoman. I was so grateful so my body for creating this incredible life so I felt like I could do anything. I didn’t “sit around in slobs”, I went out everyday with the baby and enjoyed the world! My appearance was the last thing on my mind, I was excited about my new baby and sharing him with the world!!

    I’m getting tired of all these celebs talking about how awful and frumpy they felt after having their babies. “Wahh Wahh it took two months to get skinny again”, give me a break. Just be grateful! 🙂

  • Hannah

    *grateful to my body

  • bee

    I thought this was Candace Cameron at first!

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