Update: Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Welcome Twin Boys: Jesse & Journey

Update: Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz have released the names of their newborn sons to Us Weekly in their latest issue: Jesse Jameson and Journey Jett. Jenna and Tito also announced the weight of their twins: Jesse weighed in at 4 lbs., while brother Journey was 4 lbs., 11 oz.

Congratulations to the Jameson-Ortiz family!

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Jenna Jameson and boyfriend, former UFC champ Tito Ortiz welcomed twin boys this morning in Newport Beach, Calif., US Weekly Reports.

A rep for the couple stated, “They’re in very good health.”

The new babies, who were actually due in April, are the first children for the couple.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • ivy

    i bet they just fell out!

  • Adriana

    That’s incredibly rude.

  • Hannah

    Can’t wait to hear the names they picked!

  • Rinoa

    I can’t wait to hear the names. I always find it so interesting to hear what celebrities name their kids.

  • MDD

    May God bless these new babies…

  • Anonymous

    Congrats. I bet they’ll be great parents. And to the first poster…I’m sure your life and decisions have always been perfect. *eyeroll*

  • melanie

    haha lmao ivy! i’m sure they did.

  • Dianna

    Totally Ivy! Too funny!
    Everyone forgets she’s a former porn star. How do you explain THAT to your children??! Not that it’s any of my bees wax or that I really give a flying flip.. but hey, I’m just sayin!

  • shirilicious

    Uuuhhh, she’s a porn star. Go hide your husbands. (eye rolls). Dianna, if it’s of no interest to you when why bring it up? Contradictory much?

  • dlock

    Ivy that was soo funny. I’m laughing as i type. lmaorotfl 😀 To all the other posters, “shy so serious??!!” (quote from dark knight, heath ledger) Ivy, that joke was so on point, if u didn’t say I sure would have. Its just a joke no, no one is perfect, but the decisions u make will haunt for the rest of your life. N I am far from perfect n so r u, but lets have a lil fun. Everybody is doing well, so may god bless those little bundles of joy and the parents.
    Still laughing 😀

  • Sanja

    ROLF, Ivy!

    Two sets of twin boys born so close (The Sheen twins)! I wonder what they name them.

    I guess you explain it the same way all the prostitutes explain it to their kids.
    I always find it ‘funny’ how everyone loved ‘Pretty Woman’, but when it happens in real life everyone is up in arms about how it’ll affect the children.

  • letitbe

    God bless them! I happy for the couple.

  • shirilicious

    And here’s another one: dlock, spelling and grammar much? ROFL

  • Anon

    Misogyny – look it up.

  • Dianna

    shirilicious- Uh… Duh! Of course its contradictory much that’s the reason I said ‘I’m just sayin’! It was meant to be much! Lighten up much.. your taking this a little bit too serious much. (Rolls eyes much)

  • Devin

    Amazing legacy for the boys. There is no way to sugar coat her past. Those children will be teased miserably. This woman should not be held in such high regard. She has done nothing but contribute to the degradation and objectification of women. I feel sorry for the twins.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with you, Devin!

  • Rinoa

    In all seriousness, what exactly is wrong with being a porn star? I’m not trying to argue with anyone but I’m just wondering why some people think it is wrong. Hopefully someone will shed some light on this for me. 🙂

  • dlock

    Shirlicious. Did i spell it rite. Who r u? n why r u jumping on everybody on here? 1. People r just having fun. 2. i didn’t know i was in english class n u r my teacher??!! N what u never messed up on typing words?? yeah rite. 3. Wait for it, (australian accent),………….. RELAX. She was a porn star, so she is fair game for jokes. N u act like she is your sister or something. Ugh

  • dlock

    Whats wrong with being a porn star? I hope ur being facetious?? Let’s see… disease, low self-esteem, no self-respect, not fair to your family… I go on. But hey, it pays well, I mean u only have to do some of the most unrealistic sex positions that have been conjured up. Hope this answers ur question Rinoa.

  • Rinoa

    I wasn’t being facetious at all. I have just never understood why so many people are against it. Disease, yes, I’ll give you that. But the other reasons are just opinions and are simply not true for every porn star. Many people who are not porn stars have the same issues of low-self esteem, no self-respect, etc. How does porn star=no self-respect? I try to look at it with an open mind, I guess.

  • Jennifer

    Rinoa– on a personal level, my objections to porn in general is that I feel that sex is a very personal and private act and should not be exploited. That is just my view on the matter.

    I, however, do not feel any ill will or hatred to those who are in the business. In fact, I am very happy that this woman has turned her life around and has settled down to create a family. Becoming a mother will only further change the way she views the world, and that is a fantastic thing.

  • Caitlin

    Jennifer, I agree with your first paragraph. Well said 🙂

  • Maru

    OMG! She was so so so so big! I would die if i have that bump.
    Didn’t get the joke (i think i’m kinda young) but i agree with Jennifer 🙂

  • Sam

    Maru, LOL, I would explain it to you, but I think I rather not since the joke’s pretty inappropriate. That was good Ivy!!

  • J

    Okay it is against my better judgement to get involved in this but people are just being exceptionally rude and judgemental about this woman and the life her newborn sons will have.

    dlock – It’s right, not rite. Typing in chatspeak makes you look like a 14 year old and nobody will take your comments seriously.

    Devin – I don’t think her past needs sugarcoating. It is what it is and she’s proud of it (like she should be). She’s always been honest and upfront about the choices she has made in her life because they were just that – choices. There is nothing degrading to women in her career because she is taking control of her sexuality and making informed choices about it. What is degrading to women is saying that because she’s made choices about her life, career, sexuality that others may find controversial, that she is less of a person or less of a woman.

    On the whole, I think there are a couple things people need to put into perspective here. 1. Everyone here was kids in what? The 70’s/80’s/early 90’s? Views on sex in general are constantly changing. What we deem completely unacceptable now may not be in 10 years or so. 2. Kids are teased no matter what. I was teased until I was 12 because my parents were divorced. I’m sure Jenna and Tito will explain everything to their children so that they are informed about their lives and not subject to believe all the schoolyard gossip (also personally if a 10 year old was dishing out teasings of that degree of sexual nature, I would be more concerned about how he was being raised).

    As well, Jennifer I think your comment was very well said. My congratulations go out to Tito, Jenna, Journey and Jesse.

  • Devin

    To deny that her past will have an affect on her children is being naive. There is no hatred for Jenna as a person. She choose her career path and is not ashamed of what it was. Nor should she be however, accepting the fact that it will never be universally embraced is a part of the package. Porn is not about sexuality or love. It’s base, destructive and demeaning. J you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. The porn industry is run by men and using that tired excuse of taking control of her sexuality is sad. She and other porn stars do it for the money.

  • Kate

    J – beautifully put! I completely agree!

  • gia

    I am not a fan of hers, but hasnt she changed her ways? Isnt she born again or something? Maybe they will go to a Christian school or something where everyone knows about her past & she is forgiven…. She isnt the only ex porn star mommy, kids these days are way too more mature for their ages & times have changed, so I am sure they will have lots of opportunities to understand why their mom did what she did… Even though she isnt a “porn” star, but an ex Playmate, Pam Anderson has two young sons & I think the way she tends to behave in the here & now is a lot more embarrassing because they are pre-teen boys.

  • melanie

    dlock is that a serious question? what’s wrong with being a pornstar? well what’s wrong with being a prostitute, because they’re pretty much the same thing…

    but cute names! i love journey!

  • Maru

    It’s ok Sam! I think i don’t want to know =P Thanks anyway =)

  • G

    Have abyone thought that it might be evn cool that somebodys mom was a porn star. Not that it would be a good thing but as an another angle beside the bullying angle.

  • dlock

    I know this is a little late, but Melanie I never asked the question, if u go back you will see that I actually addressed that question. It was actually Rinoa who asked the question. I don’t agree with being a porn star, but I don’t hate anyone for their choices. Not my problem.

  • LMAO@All of U!

    Okay Okay Okay…So all of you on here and going back and fourth about Jenna and her past and present decisions…WTF does it matter? Her decisions are simply that…”HER” decisions. Does it honestly affect any of you guys on a daily basis? Do any of you know her personally..As a human being? I mean I’m sure there’s wayyyy more to this woman than her porn star past…She’s a gorgeous person..Why would it matter if she was a porn star? Did anybody stand over any of you who posted derogotory comments above and choose your career paths for you? Did anyone tell you that just because you chose to do this this or this that you couldn’t or shouldn’t reproduce? Didn’t think so. Honestly, I do believe there is some jealousy spiked by the recent news of the births of two gorgeous, healthy baby boys…May God bless this family…What beautiful babies!

  • Circo

    Yes, God Bless the babies and their parents. They are human beings like all of us, and we all have OUR pasts. I think those of you who are judgmental and have ugly remarks to make are jealous and not loving. Love knows no boundaries or barriers. Jenna is a HOT MAMMA, before during and after. The father is obviously happy and loving. Some of you out there are really rude and loveless. At the end of each day, all that matters is family (which includes the greatest friendships and connections). These children will grow in a world that we’ve all grown up in. Let’s all be positive examples. BTW, porn will never go away, so live and let live.

  • ice

    She has done nothing – That sums up Nicole Richie’s life as well. But nobody criticizes her

  • Anonymous

    Twins, another threesome!

  • Stephanie

    Jenna jameson has created an empire just from her name. She is not only a self-made intelligent woman, but she is a goal oriented, self-driven independant woman. Who are we to jugde her and her past…. Everyone has made mistakes… Its not about where you been, its about where you are. Even though she has gone through things in her life that have led her to do things most of us would never fathom doing, she made something positive out it. Good for her. I like her and hope she continues to succeed in all she indures. Congrats on the babies! And snagging a hottie like tito!!

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