Matilda Ledger Waits Patiently For Mama

Hurry up mom! The adorable 3-year-old Matlida Ledger was seen with her legs crossed and her sweater unevenly buttoned while waiting patiently for mom Michelle Williams to finish her conversation with a friend. Once the trio moved on, the adorable daughter of the late Heath Ledger was seen buying flowers in Brooklyn, New York.

Michelle talked about life without Heath and described her grief as “a moving river.” The 28-year-old actress went on to say, [I’m] an optimistic person, but I would say in some ways it just gets worse. It’s just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone. In some ways it gets worse. That’s what I would say.”

Photos: Flynet

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  • anne

    Three cheers for children who dress themselves!

  • Bianca

    Matilda is so adorable! I can imagine she might have chose her own outfit & dressed herself – the uneven buttons are too cute! I feel so sad for this sweet family – what a horrible thing drug addiction is – how much Heath is missing out on – and Matilda too. I hope their family is blessed in spite of their tragedy.

  • Dylan Rose

    Yikes, that kid is so cute it’s almost unbearable! And she looks so much like my four-year-old stepsister it’s not even funny! I love how her legs are crossed and her little belly is poking out because of the way she’s buttoned up her cardie. I can completely imagine Michelle trying to get it for her and her saying “No mama, I can do it!” like little ones do. She’s so sweet, it’s so sad Heath is missing out on these precious years and the many more to come.

  • Rosy J

    I totally agree Bianca. The 1st pic is beyond priceless.

  • Laura

    Matilda is sooooooo cute! She’s my fave among all her contemporary celeb kids.

  • Dea

    Oh man, looking at her pics make me want to have a daughter..she looks so adorable and bet so much fun!

  • Pencils

    I love her outfit! I can’t wait to buy my daughter a little pair of Doc Martins. And I love the striped tights. Matilda is an adorable child and it seems that she’s being very well raised–so many kids can’t stand still and be quiet while their parents talk for a minute.

  • su

    so cute,love her little doc martens.

  • Nina

    Hihi, looks like she buttoned up her jacket by herself! 😀 Cute girl in a cute outfit. 🙂

  • Hanny

    Heath died from an accidental overdose of prescription medication, he wasn’t exactly a drug addict. He had a history of mental illness. Anyway, she is always a cute little girl. always seems so happy.

  • Laura

    Matilda’s adorable, I love her pair of Doc Martins.

  • Lucia

    Accidental overdose is often hollywood’s code for suicide. And he WAS addicted to sleeping pills, which is often just as if not more dangerous than other drugs.

  • Anna

    I love the uneven sweater too. Shows she probably dressed herself. Some days it is better to not argue and let kids express themselves. I hope she has a happy life.

  • Pencils

    Heath Ledger didn’t die in Hollywood, Lucia, he died in New York City. He may have been depressed, but there’s no indication that he committed suicide. He died of an overdose of medication–sadly, a lot of people don’t realize just how easy it can be to overdose when mixing prescription medications. Also it’s easy to take extra doses when overtired and under the influence. His death was an accident.

  • Sam

    Cuteness overload!!

  • Lucia

    I didn’t literally mean when you die in Hollywood . . . I meant when you are part of Hollywood and you die of an accidental overdose. He was incredibly troubled, depressed, and mentally unstable. That is enough alone to suggest and point to suicide. Hollywood (meaning the movie business, not the place) likes to hide the shadows of what they do. This is one way that they do it.

  • Annie

    Heath died because he was unwell in January 2008. He had a bad back, he had pneumonia and he took medication for those ailments because he was working in freezing cold London, in all hours.
    He had been taking medication for anxiety and insomnia, with no problem at all, but sadly the medication he took for the pneumonia and the bad back, mixed fatally with the medication he had been taking regularly, and so he died.
    He was not ‘on drugs’ he was not an addict. On the day he died he had a sleep in the afternoon – which was when he died – and he had asked a friend of his to phone him the next morning to wake him up. He was due to finish filming his latest film two weeks from then and he was then going to make his directorial debut. He did not want to die. And he certainly would never have left the mini-me daughter he doted on.

    Matilda is adorable. So like him and even has his fashion sense! I can easily see Heath dressing her in those boots and tights!

  • Peta


    I love this little girl! Keep at it, Matilda, you’ll get it. 😀

  • ker

    strike a pose girl!
    too cute. she rocks

  • Lioness

    I can’t take this- I already go into smiling fits when I see Matilda on any other day. This here is just too much…

  • Tiff

    She got that amazing fierce look just like her father!! So,so cute….

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