Keri & River Land In LA

Keri Russell was seen arriving at Los Angeles International Airport with her 1 1/2-year-old son River and a female friend on Wednesday. Dad is Keri’s hubby, carpenter Shane Deary.

The Felicity actress, who is just days away from her 33rd birthday, recently starred in the family-friendly movie Bedtime Stories, co-staring Adam Sandler. Russell has two movies set for release this year: Wonder Woman and Leaves of Grass.


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  • Domino

    OMG!!!! I can’t believe how much he has grown!! He’s such and adorable boy, i remember when his mama carried him everywhere and he was soo little, aww 😀

  • jaden

    wow! He looks like Shiloh here.

  • gavmitri

    he is too cute!

  • anonymous

    He’s cute, but he does look like Shiloh….I know I am old fashioned and someone will lambaste me for this comment….but cut the boy’s hair! I have a two year old boy and I do not want people to mistake him for a girl, so I cut his hair.

  • Sarita

    He has gotten so cute, he looks a lot like his father. I like the long hair on him, it suits him and his father also has long hair.

  • Rinoa

    What an adorable boy!! I love the long hair on him! Cute boots too.

  • Anna

    I thought it was girl. If I didn’t read the comments I wouldnt’ have known.

  • Sam

    He’s gotten so big!! OH myyy! What an adorable little boy. And I LOVE THE HAIR 😉

  • Janie

    Wow – he is absolutely adorable!

  • tess

    he’s really cute. and man he’s a big boy now. so adorable. I like his hair too. 🙂

  • melanie

    anon- people won’t mistake him for a girl b/c he looks like a little boy lol

    he is SOOO cute! i love his hair and boots!

  • Peta

    For a split second, my mind went “How did she get her hands on Shiloh?”. Then I recognised him. He looks like a contented child. 🙂

  • Just Saying

    Wow it seems like he grew this big overnight! He kinda does look like a little girl and at quick glance like Shiloh. And I see his father more in him than his mother.

  • Lioness

    Love the hair.

  • mel


  • Anonymous

    He is a copy of his mother. Just think about his mouth.

  • Rose

    Not like shiloh u r lier why? He’s soo beautiful

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