Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Want To Be A Young Mom

The 16-year-old singer, who is dating 20-year-old model Justin Gaston, says that she hopes not to follow in her mother’s footsteps when it comes to starting a family at a young age.

“My mom got married when she was really young and that was great for her, but for me I don’t think so,” Miley says.

As for babies, the Disney star adds that she’s in no rush to pack on the pregnancy pounds:

“I don’t want to have kids and lose my figure really young. I don’t want to blow up to the size of a house. Definitely not right now. I’m only 16. Maybe 20 years down the road.”

How old were you when you had your first baby?

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  • Hannah

    Oh to be young and oh so stupid again. You know, after reading the things that she says this girl must live with her foot in her mouth.

  • Lala

    Haha, I agree. She is cute, until she opens her mouth. 😀

  • Marissa Ptak

    The fact that she thinks that she has to blow up to the size of a house in order to have a baby, proves in and of itself that she is NOT ready to have kids (but at 16 WHO IS???). Why is she even talking about this??????

  • Lola

    This girl is a misserable excuse for a kid. Why is she talking about having kids? And I agree with the statement of blowing up to the size of a house… Because that’s what her mom looks like right now after having kids herself. I think what she’s trying to do is to make herself not a teen idol anymore and she wants to transition into an adult. I’ll be glad when she does that so that she can be known as nothing more than a fallen child star. Talentless little girl

  • Jenna

    A 16-year-old dating a 20-year-old?! Gee, that should end well.

  • Tiff

    I agree, why is she even talking about this topic? Wonder how it even came about…

  • Darya

    She was probably asked those invasive questions by the paps. They are getting ruder and more bold with them all the time. At least she isn’t longing for a baby and I give her credit for that. She will have more intelligent answers the older she gets. 16 really isn’t very old or mature and maybe she should be a little less polite to the paps.

  • Pencils

    People ask her these questions, and she’s not sophisticated enough to brush them off. She’s only 16–and a lot more articulate than I would have been at that age.

    BTW, I had my 1st baby at 41.

  • melanie

    she’s annoying…

    i had my first baby at 21, the second at 23, and now my third (1st boy) 5 weeks ago and i’m 25 lol.

  • Moore

    Wow, calm down Lola. Lol. My gosh.

    She is a kid who could use some maturing (but who can’t at that age) and was obviously asked a question. Somebody brought it up probably since another young teen star got pregnant at her age.

    For all we know she could have said it in a completely joking manner as far as the house bit goes or just used the wrong words. No need for anyone to be so sensitive about it.

    Also, her mom looks good for having had children.

  • Dea

    Spoken like a true 16 year old teen..

  • Peta

    As long as I don’t see another Jamie-Lynn Spears-esque pregnancy announcement shortly after this, she can say all she wants.

  • Liz from Oz

    I’m no big fan of Miley’s but I am pretty sure she didn’t just say these things randomly. she would have been asked these questions. Also she never said that you ‘balloon out’ when you fall pregnant, she just said she didnt want those pregnancy pounds. Leave the girl alone and let her do what she is doing. People hate her yet they can’t wait for the next saga of her on her bike with her boyfriend shirtless.

    Anyway I had my first and only child at 32.

  • Meghan

    The more I see of her the more I dont like her.

    I had my first when I was 19. I wish I would of waited till I was older but it all worked out fine in the end.

  • sarah

    I’m sixteen, and I think while it is mature of her to not want kids at a young age, I still think she answered that a little immaturely. Her age shouldn’t be an excuse for putting her foot in her mouth all the time.

  • pop

    she is stupid for have a baby by a 20 guy. 16 years old miley cyrus so stupid. here is her dad is her dad saying any thing.she can’t have a BABY at 16 years old. WHAT is she going to name her BABY. WHAT happens if she has a baby at 16 years old.her dad is going to be a ganddad and her mom is going to be a gandma.she is going to be sad if she has a baby by her self.she is going to be sad when she have her baby.the guy is 20 years old and she is 16.who is going to help her with her BABY.if she has a baby she have to give it some food all the time in the morning and at night.she is going to ask her dad and her mom to help her.if she has her baby.

  • Peta

    Whoa, Pop, calm down. She never said she was planning to get pregnant, or is pregnant. She said she couldn’t see herself being pregnant for perhaps another 20 years. Relax.

  • pop

    if she has that baby with 20 year old.she will have to

  • pop

    she is stupid if she has that baby with that 20 years old.what happens if she has that baby with.what is going name her baby.what her dad going to say if she has her baby. she has to give the baby some food ever day.that guy is 20 years old and she is 16 years old she is going to haveing a baby.miley have to take care of the ever day.

  • Amanda

    so genius here wants to wait til she’s 36 to have a kid? She is so dumb for answering this, people ask her stupid questions like this to trap her and get her to put her foot in her mouth so they can complain about what she said. Just shut up Miley, no one really cares if you don’t want to lose your figure.

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