Amy Adams Plans A Small Family

“I didn’t like having seven siblings when I was growing up,” Amy admits. “I love it now. But it was just a lot. It was hard to find alone time.”

Amy, 34, says that she and her fiance Darren Le Gallo do plan to have kids but will likely not have a big brood.

“I probably won’t have a big family. I can barely manage my own life! I don’t know how people do it. I give mothers, professional mothers, a lot of credit,” she says.

She’s not a mom just yet, but after playing Giselle in the Disney hit Enchanted Amy has plenty of young fans. Next up for the busy actress is Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which is set to hit theaters in May.

Are you planning a big or a small-sized family?

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • gia

    Definitely small…one or two babies maximum is plenty for me & my husband…We havent even had one yet, so maybe we will end up not having any…who knows!

  • Meg

    Small was the plan but here we are four kids later.

  • Lucia

    I come from a family of 10, and I loved it! Right now I only have two, and I would love to have more, but one of my children has autism, and that is a full time job, so we will see if my husband and I feel we have the energy and time to devote to another child! My youngest is only 4 months old, so we still have time before we would have another one under normal circumstances anyways.

  • Dea

    My family is pretty average (3 kids+mom&dad) but we have a vast extended family (cousins/aunts/uncles) that live near us so yeah, pretty hectic. We have a 2 year old plus one in the oven right now, but that’s it! we will stop at 2.

  • ron

    i have four sisters, 45+ first cousins, and a really huge extended family. my dad has 11 siblings, and his mom (my grandmom) has 8 siblings, and all of them have large families as well. i consider it a blessing coming from a large clan, but personally i think i’ll stop at three. it might change when i start my own family though, who knows 😉

  • Peta

    I’ll have just one and see what happens after that. As an only child, I wanted a sibling when I was younger – then I turned 12 and realised how blessed I was. No annoying brothers/sisters getting their paws on my things. XD

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