Liam McDermott Is A Pajama Cutie

Dean McDermott and his son Liam McDermott, who just turned 2, were seen filming a reality TV show in Encino, CA on Saturday. The adorable tot looked like he just rolled out of bed! Mom, Tori Spelling, and little sister Stella, 9 months, were not pictured with the father-son duo.

Dean also has a 10-year-old son Jack from his previous marriage to TV chef Mary Jo Eustace. The two also adopted a daughter, Lola, in 2005, but McDermott has joint custody of his son only and is no longer legally responsible for Lola. Tori and Dean were just spotted dining out with Jack at Katsuya.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Anonymous

    I never knew about Lola!


    I didn’t know about Lola either! I feel so bad for her, hopefully she had a father figure in her life. Every little girl should have one in my oppinion.

  • MDD

    Dean leaving his wife Mary Jo and his two children, for Tori Spelling was big news here in Canada.

  • Allisyn

    Adopt and abandon. Geez, what a great family man.

  • shirilicious

    Hopefully now people will stop gushing about these overrated twits.

  • Amanda

    People change. Ever heard of that? It’s amazing how many of you people can be so judge mental lol seriously.

  • Rinoa

    MDD is right! It totally was huge news here in Canada. I haven’t been a fan of him since then. I keep trying to like him but I can’t!

    Liam looks adorable though!

  • It certainly was!!! ;0

  • Amy

    BTW, Mary Jo found out about the affair on HER BIRTHDAY no less.

    And about Lola, when the Dean admitted to the affair, he said to Mary Jo “I’m not leaving the kids, I’m leaving you.” I guess when he said that he was saying it the same way that he said his wedding vows, AS A LIAR. When Lola’s adoption was finalized, it was as a “single parent”.

    Mary Jo wrote a short story about what it was like when Dean shattered her world and revealed he was in love with “his soulmate” in the book “The Other Woman” by Victoria Zackheim.

  • Allisyn

    Yep, I’m judgmental when it comes to people who abandon children. God, I can be such a bitch. Imagine what Lola feels like when Jack goes off to see Dad and realizes that he couldnt’ give a crap about her. How lonely and sad is that?

  • Kat

    I never knew about Lola! He seems like a great family man, could be for the cameras, haha. Who knows? People DO change, but not always.

    Anyway, isn’t Liam cute in these pix? In his cuddly lil jammies!

  • Sarita

    I also think he’s a loser for what he did to his wife and son but it seems it’s not correct to say he adopted a daughter, they were planning to do so but in the end she adopted her alone.

  • Amy

    I don’t think it’s correct to say that she adopted Lola alone either. I mean, when the adoption process was started it was with the intent that the child would have a mother AND father. It was only AFTER Lola was placed with them and the adoption process was coming to an end that Dean decided to ditch his family and obligations to Lola.

    I think placed in the situation that Mary Jo was in, not a single person on this board could say they would have given the child back. And at the same time, knowing that you would be a single parent, not as many people would have probably went through with the adoption from the beginning either.

  • Sheri

    He’s a douche!

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