Reese Witherspoon’s New Diet

Reese says of 9-year-old Ava’s beloved pig: “His name’s Booker T. Washington – my daughter is studying American history. She won’t eat pork, she won’t eat bacon, and I have to be very careful with what I eat.”

Rumors are swirling that Reese, who is also mom to 5-year-old son Deacon, is newly engaged. Speculation that Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal are planning to tie the knot started after the Walk The Line actress reportedly wore what looked to be an engagement ring to a recent Avon cosmetics ad shoot.

“It was gorgeous, and everyone noticed it right away,” says a source.

There’s so far been no word from either Reese or Jake’s reps.

Photo: Fame Pictures

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  • I love Reese and I think it’s very sweet what she’s trying to do for her daughter!

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