Helena Christensen & Mingus Cover Cookie

The 40-year-old model, designer and photographer says that her most important job is as a mother.

“He’s all that matters,” Helena says of her son. “He’s my best friend.”

Helena reveals that, like a lot of moms, she spends “two minutes on my makeup in the morning.” If you’re in the market for some quick beauty tips, she models a few “easy” make-up trends for moms-on-the-go at Cookie.com.

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  • Stacy

    That is one gorgeous kid! he will steal a lot of hearts in the future.

  • Amanda

    I agree. He has some model potential right there!

  • anne

    Crazy handsome young man . . . (Side note regarding Helena: how wonderful it must be to grow up in a family with a parent who’s a professional or gifted-amateur photographer — sublime archives!)

  • Lauren

    The boy’s a heartbreaker.

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