Peter Andre & Kids On A Coffee Run

Peter Andre was spotted grabbing a coffee-to-go in Malibu with two of his three children, Princess Tiaamii, 1 1/2, and Junior, 3 1/2, while mom Katie Price is in England launching her new Equestrian Range of clothing. Peter and Katie are also parents to 6-year-old Harvey.

The Price-Andre family just moved to LA in an attempt to build up Peter’s music career in the US. Peter currently produces music in the genres of pop, R&B and reggae.

Photos: Splash

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  1. Amanda

    Bless her heart. That little girl is just precious. And Peter has got to be somewhat gay. Kidding…….well maybe not 😉

  2. Gracie

    Princess’s hair has gone so blonde! It’s adorable 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    Is that child’s name really Princess?

  4. Peta

    Yes, her name really is Princess.

  5. aubrey madeline

    Princess is one of the worst celebrity baby names

  6. kiwibird

    They both look so much like their poppa! Cute! 🙂

  7. Kat

    I don’t think Princess is cute at all, sorry.

    Junior is VERY cute, looks just like his Daddy.

  8. Anonymous

    who names their baby princess?? it’s a dog or cat name!!!

  9. SUZY

    I read somewhere that they didn’t want to give their child a “ridiculous celebrity name” so they came up with Princess Tiaamii You couldn’t make it up!

  10. Sooz

    I think its terrible that people bleach the hair of children that young just for fashion! Four year olds don’t understand the concept of fashion so why should their young bodies suffer for it!
    And i think Princess has had her hair bleached as well – it was definitely more strawberry blone previously………

  11. Beana

    i agree with sooz– princess’s hair looks unnaturally blonde, like a platinum/bleach blonde…

  12. Suzy

    The laws of libel apply to the internet as well as anywhere else and I hope Peter and Katie take action against those responsible for some of the comments on here.

    The little girl’s hair is naturally blonde, and she’s beautiful.

  13. Amie

    Brad and Angelina let Pax and Maddox dye their hair and I’ve never seen anyone complain.

  14. Lucia

    Princess’s hair is obviously just sun bleached. it would be white if it was chemically bleached.

    As for suing for libel, talk about an overreaction. A.) How do you intend to find the people writing the comments? B.) How are you going to get a case of libel to stand up in court when you are complaining because someone doesn’t like what you named your child? The judge would look at the name, look at them, and say, it’s quite possible you deserved it.

  15. Gracie

    It’s obviously the sun that has bleached Princess’s hair…

  16. Amanda

    Sorry, I just had to laugh when I read that her hair was dyed. LOL! The sun people!!! Sheesh.

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