Jeffrey Dean Morgan Learns He Has A 4-Year-Old Son

Jeffrey’s ex-girlfriend, actress and producer Sherrie Rose, confirmed the news to US magazine, saying, “Yes, I have a 4-year-old son with Jeffrey.”

She reportedly broke the news to her ex a few weeks ago and the father and son have since met.

A source close to the actor tells US that Jeffrey, who until recently was engaged to Mary Louise Parker, hopes to get to know his son better after missing out on the past several years.

“He’s shocked and surprised,” the source reveals, “but he wants to be in the child’s life.”

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • Amy

    WOW. This leaves me with so many questions but the two BIG questions are:

    1. How can a man NOT notice that his ex is pregnant shortly after breaking up?

    2. Why did the mother not notify the father until now?

  • Keri

    Maybe they didn’t see each other at all after they broke up. But, you are right….why didn’t she tell him? And what made her tell him now – four years later? I wonder if it had anything to do with the “recent engagement.”

  • shirilicious

    His engagement isn’t that recent (if there ever was an engagement, despite reports there was never an official announcement). They broke up a year ago.
    It’s easy not to notice that someone isn’t pregnant, out of sight, out of mind. If nobody told him, how would he know? But I do wonder why she never told him and decided to come out of the woods now? When his career is moving forward really fast. If I were him, I’d want a paternal test.

  • Sam

    The US magazine thing said she had the baby ‘secretly’ but she had been all over the place, photographed, while pregnant. It wasn’t a secret! Of course, if she wasn’t sure the baby was it, and told him that, it meant she cheated and maybe until now, she’s been trying to find out who the daddy really is. He might just be the next one on a list. Hey, it happens.

    In any case, I hope it gets straightened out, however it’s supposed to work, and that she stops talking to the media. This shouldn’t be all over the place. It’s private.

  • Christy

    Jeffrey, you ARE the father!

  • Senobia

    Jeff is just adorable, cute & alot more. Is there a way to get his postal address?

  • Senobia

    Jeff is just adorable, cute & alot more. Is there a way to get his postal address?

  • M

    I think it shows a lot of stones that he’s willing and desiring to be in the child’s life. Well done, JDM! You have just demonstrated that you seem to be a cut above all the big-talkin’ little boys who cut and run after finding out they have children.
    Man, I knew I liked him. Now as long as he doesn’t do something classless, I can continue to do so.

  • Tawrens

    shirilicious He was engaged to Mary Louise Parker, the woman claiming he fathered her child is actress Sherrie Rose. I doubt he is. One she’s an actress and two she states the pregnancy was secret yet she was photographed all over preggers and three she comes out not to JDM but reporters just as JDM’s career is taking off. I think she hoped a little scandal would attach her name to a raising star and bring atttention to her.

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