Jessica & Cash Admire Their Little Girl

Jessica Alba and her hubby Cash Warren shared a hug and a loving look of admiration toward their adorable 9-month-old daughter, Honor Marie, as they happily strolled through New York City on Friday.

The 27-year-old Dark Angel actress has said that Honor is her greatest love: “She’s the love of my life. The love is profound. She gives everything more meaning.”

Photos: Splash

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  1. Rosy J

    In a word: A D O R A B L E.

  2. ll

    so CUTE! Always great to see Jessica and Honor!

  3. Rosy J

    Kate’s comment is in poor taste and racist and offensive and should be eliminated. Please do not allow this site to become like some of the other disgusting ones in existence. Let’s keep it civil. We are enjoying stories about “Babies” afterall. No personal attacks please. I realize that this action is probably gonna be resented by some but I feel I have to take a stand.

  4. Pencils

    I thought racist posts weren’t allowed. Keep it to yourself, Kate.

  5. We do our best to moderate comments, but unfortunately sometimes these types of comments slip through. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, it has been deleted.

  6. Penny

    her husband seems smarmy. My friend was a hostess and saw him out with his friends and he kept hitting on his waitress! UGh.
    but Honor is adorable! JEssica really seems to adore her.

  7. Sara

    *wipes drool from their chins*

  8. dlock

    I always wonder why Jessica has a ton of bags that she has either on her or the stroller. It has to be an easier way to bring all the baby essientials without bringing the entire nursery??!! lol
    I love this family, interracial love at its finest. 🙂 I just love that people can get beyond race and find love and create beautiful miracles like this.

  9. Lioness

    This family seems very fake to me, the picture seems fake. Not a huge Jessica Alba fan. Big Honor fan, though 🙂

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