Kelly Rutherford & Hermés Do Baby Couture

On whether being an eldest child prepared her for motherhood: “Yes. I took over immediately when my brother was born, ha ha! I always loved the holidays with him, and shopping with my mom. I think my mom had been told by her doctor that the best thing was to let the older sibling help, and I took it very seriously. And she always let me help with my younger brother, and that’s why we’re so close today.”

On which Gossip Girl guy she’d like Hermés to grow up to be like: “Dan. Because I think he’s smart…he has good values. He obviously has good taste in women, as he’s dating my daughter!”

On bringing her son to work: “He’s great on set. There’s so much to see. He loves the makeup and hair trailer. He’s always blow-drying everyone’s hair. There’s the little forklift that they use to build the sets—he loves to check that out. And all the trucks and brooms—he loves to sweep. There’s so much that he loves to play with.”


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  • Beautiful pictures and little boy. But with a name like Hermés, he’s bound to end up more like Chuck than Dan!

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