Carrie-Anne Moss Is Expecting Again!

Carrie-Anne Moss is expecting her third child! The low-profile Matrix star was seen out with her two young sons in Santa Monica, CA on Wednesday. Dad is Carrie-Anne’s husband, fellow actor Steven Roy. To protect her family’s privacy, Moss has revealed only that her older son is named Owen and that he was born at the end of 2003. Her youngest son is believed to be named either Jaden or Brooke. He is said to be born in November 2005.

The Canadian actress is so private we didn’t even know she was expecting again! She looks great!

The 41-year-old Vancouver actress has two movies set for release this year: Love Hurts and Unthinkable.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Peta

    Congratulations to her! I wonder how she manages to keep her private life out of the media glare when so many other celebrities either can’t or won’t.

  • shirilicious

    Congratulations. She must be quite far along and she looks great. Lol, Peta, maybe some of these other celebrities should ask her for advice.

  • Lucia

    She just doesn’t leave the house. That’s the only way celebrities can live in the US and do that. Also, she’s not that big of a star.

  • Sarita

    She’s not that big of a star, but is Jessica Alba? I don’t think so and she is photographed every day. It just depends on where you live I think and if you take your kids to Coldwater Park.

  • Peta

    She may not be as big as the Cruises but when even D-Listers can clog up celeb-oriented sites daily like hair in a drain pipe, I have to wonder how she maintains her privacy as well as those of her children. We’re not even sure of their correct names and birth dates. 🙂

    I’m sure she doesn’t wall herself up in her house, but she does seem to conduct her life discretely. I admire that.

  • Hannah

    Carrie is pretty well-known and is certainly more respected as an actress than Jessica Alba or many other moms on blog sites, so it obvious she goes out of her way to avoid the press. She’s a great example of how it is possible to shield your kids from the press and I admire her for that. I’m sure she leaves the house, it would be impossible to live and not leave your house, she’s just discreet and stays away from paparazzi attention. If you don’t seek it, it won’t find you.

  • ivy

    yeah, look at julia roberts, one of the biggest movie stars ever, and we hardly ever see pictures of her with her kids. the ones that are always photographed want to be photographed, no matter how much they pretend to hate it.

  • meee

    aww she looks so good! my favourite actress 🙂
    i doubt her youngest sons name is Brooke seeing as that is her brothers name 😉

    and i agree 1000% with Hannah

  • Lucia

    Right. So celebrity children should not be able to go to the playground because if they do, you all will think their parents are just flaunting them for attention.

  • gia

    I cant stand what she is wearing from the waist down…those pants & shoes are hideous! She is great at keeping to herself, more celebs should give it a shot.

  • Penny

    Gia- those pants aren’t bad. They look like simple black stretchy yoga maternity type pants. I lived in mine my last trimester. And the shoes are comfy. She’s running errands it would be more weird to over dress.

    She seems cool and I like that she maintains privacy and doesn’t seems fueled by a narcissistic desire to get pap attention.

    Given her age I wonder if she might have twins! We don’t know how far along she so it’s hard to tell in this picture. I read that after the age of 35 each year there is a higher chance of twins (with other factors as well, like maternal weight- heavier women have higher prospects, etc.) but it would be great if she had them. Maybe some twin girls? 🙂

  • triotri

    she always look smart

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