Jeff Brazier & The Boys In Australia

Jeff Brazier was seen with his two boys, Bobby Jack, 5, and Freddie, 4, enjoying a day at Sydney’s Darling Harbor Aquarium on Wednesday. The 29-year-old TV presenter is currently taking his kids on holiday after the untimely death of the boys’ mother, Jade Goody.

Jade, 27-year-old reality TV star, died in her sleep on March 22 – Mother’s Day in the U.K.- following a public battle with cervical cancer. Although Jeff and Jade were no longer together at the time of her death, Jeff publicly stated: “I’m grateful the boys were able to say their goodbyes and spend that precious time with their wonderful mother. Bobby and Freddie are my absolute priority and I will be doing everything I can to be their rock and to give them all my love and support to get them through a confusing and upsetting time.”

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  • sheyla

    I just Looove to see these boys…I think that oldest one is soooo cute!!!

  • sheyla

    What happened to the bloke she married?

  • Hannah

    The oldest boy looks just like Jade. Adorable boys!

    I believe Jade’s husband Jack Tweed is back in jail. They let him out temporarily so that he could be with Jade when she passed. He’s not the boys biological father so I don’t think they’ll be living with him.

  • Amanda

    I feel so sorry for those two boys! Hopefully they’ll pull in and be stronger than ever. Same to Jeff! And I agree the oldest one is a handsome little man.

  • Julita

    the older one looks just like Jade

  • Julie

    They are so adorable! I really love them. I am so sorry for them how can you expect a kid to live without its mom? But the boys are so lucky to have such a great dad. And yes, Bobby is so handsome just like Jade. And Freddie is an adorable little fellow!

  • Rosy J

    I have a feeling these little boys are going to be ok. Jade promised to watch over them and who better to do that her. She is closer to God now and can petition him on their behalf. That is my prayer for them. My heart bleeds for them and Jade’s mom.

  • melanie

    they’re ADORABLE! you can so tell the older has some color in him like mama 🙂

    …and i wonder if or when tweed gets out of jail will be able to see them, or if he wants to.

  • auntie

    Unfortunately, grandma (Jade’s mother according to news sources) has decided to keep the boys from their mother’s funeral rather than gently speaking with them about death as it will be too ‘upsetting’ and they are too ‘upset’.

    Children are unable to deal with something if they are not given the information they need.

    Will they regret their chance to say goodbye was taken from them when they are old enough to understand?

    I think they will.

    What a shame, there are many gentle options for helping these children deal with the death of their mother. Avoidance is the least emotionally intelligent and least helpful.

    Rant over.

  • shirilicious

    Auntie, I can only assume you’re the children’s psychologist who is watching them all day and night, otherwise I’m not sure how you would know that they haven’t spoken and explained to the boys their mother’s death. They are 4 and 5 years old. It’s hard for them as it already is. Visiting the funeral and watching their mother being buried can be too hard and painful for them to comprehend. And seriously, how would you know they haven’t said good-bye to her?

  • auntie

    Just my opinion, thirty years as a pediatric trauma nurse but not an official psychologist.

    I didn’t say visit the funeral. I didn’t say have them participate in the funeral.

    I said let them visit the funeral HOME and then let them decide if they want to proceed.

    I didn’t presume to assume whether or not they had been spoke to about their mother’s untimely death.

    I observed and commented on what I read-that a decision to keep them from the funeral had been made.

    Children as well as adults need closure and I feel that when they are older they may resent that the choice was taken from them to attend the funeral.

    Like others here, I made a personal observation without prejudice to anyone who had posted previously…

  • shirilicious

    I honestly don’t want to start a feud here, but …
    “I didn’t presume to assume whether or not they had been spoke to about their mother’s untimely death.” Yes, you did: “grandma … has decided to keep the boys from their mother’s funeral RATHER than gently speaking with them about death…”

  • The boys are not going to attend their mothe’s funeral as it was her wishes. She wanted to protect them from the huge media attention it has created and let them grieve in private. I think a mum knows whats best for her boys and nobody loves them more than her.

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