Jessica & Honor Are Playtime Partners

Jessica Alba and her 9-month-old daughter Honor Marie enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Coldwater Canyon Park is the playground to the stars! We’ve seen so many celebrity tots playing at this park, including Ruby Sweetheart Maguire, Sawyer & Levi Gilbert, The Klum-Samuel kids, The Beckham brothers and the Rossdale brothers just to name a few.

If you were a celeb parent, would you go to Coldwater Canyon Park or would you rather avoid the inevitable lurking paps?

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  • Peta

    I’m a private person by nature, so I’d go to a less famous park with my child. Coldwater Canyon can’t be the only park with swings, slides, grass and sand boxes.

  • Katrina

    Good parks are few and far between, and paps are PLENTIFUL when you’re a celeb.. so, i would pick a park that fits us and is well liked, kids play best when there are lots of other kids to interact with, and go there. I woudlnt let the paps, or snide comments from every joe schmoe rule my life. Just becuase “they” think its a celebs fault they are hounded on every mundane trip out of the house is some far reaching gasp for media attention and fame, doesnt mean its true, or should even be responded to. If i were in that situation, youre welcome to take pictures of me picking my kids up and picking out tomatos… if its that important to you.

  • jhoo

    I agree with Katrina – Coldwater Canyon looks like a great park and even in Beverly Hills, those aren’t just everywhere. And it may be the most convenient for many of the parents. Also, it looks like the paps keep a pretty good distance from all the kids and aren’t shouting at the kids when the parents are there, so it’s much less invasive than when the celebs are walking in the street.

  • shirilicious

    If I love attention I would go to Coldwater Canyon Park, if I want to shield my kids from the paps I would go somewhere else. L.A. is big, not all the celebs visiting this park do even live in Beverly Hills, so why drive up there and not somewhere else (if protecting your privacy is what you have in mind)?

  • Sarita

    If I was a celeb that complains about the paps I wouldn’t go there as it is hypocritical. If I wanted to be in the tabloids I’d go there often.

  • Moore

    As a celeb, you shouldn’t have to avoid places just because the paps are there. If I thought this was a great park and didn’t have to go out of my way to get there, then I’d go there. Paps are going to be where you are so why not at least do what you want, when you want as long as your family is being harmed?

  • Hannah

    If you don’t mind your children being photographed and you’re not going to complain about the attention, then sure, go anywhere you want, but if you’re private and sick of the paparazzi attention, stay away from places like that where you know for a fact they are going to be. There are a lot of places to take your children that the paps won’t be. It’s very simple.

  • Sarah

    This is a great park. I went there about a year ago. We were looking for a park that had a water play feature. This was the only one I found within driving distance from our hotel. There was one pap there, but he was being held at a great distance by the LAPD. So it is better going there then the grove it appears. See a few photos above with Kate and Suri at the American girl place, and the paps are EVERYEWHERE.

  • Lola

    You knw what, I really don’t think Jessica is thinking about anything other than to have her gorgeous daughter have fun…. Paps or not.

  • Rosy J

    I would not allow the paparazzi to decide for me where to take may kid. If my child is safe and the photogs respect us by keeping their distance I would take mine anywhere appropiate for him or her. Face it, they are going to find you wherever you go if there is a demand for the pics. Children are very lovable and we love seeing them interact with their famous parents and its big business for websites and tabloids.

  • Lucia

    I completely agree, Rosy. They have every right to complain about their children’s privacy being violated. Their children are not public figures and should be treated with the respect that every private citizen deserves.

  • melanie

    i know there are alot more parks than 1 there, maybe this one is just the best, idk?

    but i’d probably switch it up and not go to the SAME park everyday…that’d get boring.

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