Suri Cruise Is A Flip Flop Girl

Look at those eyes! Katie Holmes and her beautiful 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri Cruise stopped off at the famous doll store The American Girl Place while at The Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday. As the pair left, the adorable tot was chewing on her flip flop.

Katie recently came sixth in a British poll of Hollywood’s hottest moms. The top five “yummy mummy’s” were Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Garner.

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  • aubrey madeline

    suri is beyond beautiful

  • Laura

    Suri really is beautiful.

    I guess it makes me a germ-a-phobe, but I would never allow my children to chew on a shoe. YUCK!

  • Me

    Yuck. She’s chewing on the shoe’s sole, not a good idea.

  • Sarita

    She’s cute and the slipper looks clean enough. A child won’t die from a few germs.

  • Janie

    Suri is gorgeous!

  • belinda

    she is insanely beautiful. love her XD

  • suri

    Suri used to be so cute,but now!? 🙁
    Chewing on a shoe is a scientology thing ya know,kids can do everything they want.Spoiled little things 😛

  • anonymous

    Suri is a cute kid….would not say she was gorgeous….thinks she looks like Tom more than Katie….just wish they would cut her bangs!

  • She is really cute!

  • Katie

    Ha ha! Chewing on a shoe is a scientology thing? It means she can do anything she wants? It’s hardly *spoiled*! Oh, Eloise at the Ritz, chewing on a shoe!

    Anyway… Suri is getting even more beautiful! I know it’s wrong to look at her all the time, but who can help it? She’s an absolute sweetheart. Gorgeous eyes.

  • anne

    @ #2 & 3, etc. … C’mon, you know the soles of that child’s shoes never touch the ground (even when it looks like they do, there’s a layer of fairy dust that separates her from the actual, you know, earth). 😉

  • gia

    I know Suri doesnt “walk” that much, she is carried a lot, but hopefully she didnt walk into a public restroom wearing that flip flop thats now in her mouth, how unsanitary…Ick!! Every kid encounters germs & they survive, but a shoe in the mouth is still kind of gross, unless its never been worn before.

  • Amanda

    Look how gorgeous she is! Without those ridicilous bangs covering up those eyes!!!

  • Audrey

    That shoe looks like it is brand spanking new and very clean. Somethings tells me that maybe they just bought them since they appear to be walking out of a store.

  • amanda

    reguardless of her walking on the shoe and putting it in her mouth, other ppl have touched it. Especially if its ones that were just bought, dozens of ppl with dirty germy hands could touch it and katie just lets suri slober all over that thing, nasty and gross and bad parenting if you ask me!

  • amanda

    and yes suri was WALKING in the same flipflops she was chewing all over, look at the pics

    thats just gross, she is on a public street with nasty dirty stuff over it and then puts them in her mouth.

  • zu

    Why is she chewing that shoe like a baby?She’s 3 years old!Feel sad for her.

  • Rinoa

    Oh come on, the shoe looks new! Kids always put things in their mouths. Her fingers probably have more germs on them than the shoes.

  • gwc

    Kate’s hat is on inside out. Check the cable.

  • Lola

    Maybe the pictures with her walking in these shoes were taken after this picture. Face it, her hands are probably dirtier than the bottom of a new pair of shoes, from door knobs, other peoples hands, merhandice in stores, the handles of a car.

    And since mom doesn’t have eyes in the SIDE of her head, who knows that she didn’t have her stop when she became aware of it.

    Bad parenting is not feeding your child, ignoring your child, putting your child in dangerous situations but having a child do a normal toddler activity such as chew on a clean shoe is just a kid chewing on a shoe. Or a blanket. Or her finger. It’s just a kid being a kid.

  • Hailey87

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