Salma Hayek: Being An Older Mom Makes Me A Better Mom

The Ugly Betty producer says of waiting for motherhood:

“I feel that I’ve done enough things in life where I can appreciate the time I spend with her as my number one priority and not feel I’m missing out on something. I feel I’m a lot more patient.

I’m a more fulfilled human being now, and I probably wouldn’t have been 10 years ago. She gets a better mother for being born now.”

Salma suffered from gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, and reveals that it was actually actor Paul Bettany – Jennifer Connelly’s husband – who diagnosed the problem!

“I was nauseous for the whole nine months, and the only thing I craved was fruit – cold mango, watermelon. And then later on, I was saying that I didn’t know why I was getting so big. Paul Bettany said something about too much fruit and gestational diabetes, and I thought, ‘What does he know?’”

Do you think there’s an “ideal age” to become a mom?

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  • Peta

    For me, it’s less about chronological age and more about maturity level when it comes to being a better mom. Some young mothers are wonderful, whereas some who are Selma’s age or even older can make you wonder why they even bothered having children.

  • anonymous

    Yeah, I think it is about maturity level more too… I knew that I still wanted to feel fairly young when my kids are grown. I am 32 and had my two kids at age 28 and 30 and for me that seemed the best age/time.

  • sheyla

    I felt that 18 & 20 were ideal at the time, me being a single mother w/two children under 2 was overwhelming!!! but I kept the faith and said to myself everyday (literally) that “it is all worth it 20 yrs from now!!” LOL!! It sure did, now I have grown children 21 & 23 and now I have all this life in front of me!! I travel and come & go As I please!!! LIFE IS GREAT!!! Plus things are waaaay more expensive now than in the 80’s.

  • Hannah

    It definitely depends on the maturity level and readiness of the woman and her partner (if she has a partner, that is). I know some women who are more mature at 22 than some women who are in their 40’s. And in my case, sometimes a lack of readiness can be the best/life-changing thing for you! 🙂

  • I agree Salma!

  • LilNick

    VERY well said all comments from 1-5!!!!I couldn’t agree more!!!

  • Natalie

    I would like to live before I become a mammy! I think most women should also wait til they have lived a bit (say 25 at the earliest) of course I know this is not the best option for everyone!

  • melanie

    there is no ideal age, it just depends on the person. for me it was early 20’s and i felt and still feel great about it, i’m glad i didn’t wait.

  • Dea

    You hit nail on the head Peta! my mom was only 25 when she got me and my sister. Yes she struggled (with my dad) but she was a mature young woman and handled it well (on top of that she had to go to work and taking her degree). Now she is in her late 50’s and enjoying her life traveling and being independent.

  • Pencils

    I just had my first baby at age 41 too, and it’s been a great thing for me. I think I’m a better mother than I would have been at age 25–except I would have had more energy at 25! I don’t think it’s that I’m more mature, there were just a lot of things I wanted to do in my twenties (and, ahem, thirties) and I wouldn’t have been able to do them with kids. I enjoyed my twenties a great deal, but it’s not stuff I’d want to do now–such as, if I’d had my kids early and they were grown up

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