Suri Cruise Gets Playful With The Paps

What a cutie! Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri Cruise, who turns three later this month, were seen leaving a dance studio in Malibu on Thursday. Suri seemed in good spirits as the paparazzi snapped away. She even waved to the shutterbugs at one point.

Suri’s famous dad, 46-year-old Tom Cruise, said he and the family try to remain positive with the ever-present paps: “I have to say some of those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible. As a parent you protect your children but Suri is a very open and warm child and she will just wave to people on the street. She is such [a] happy, fun girl. It is certainly different these days with the media, but people have been very good to us and do give us space so I am not going to be difficult.”

Photos: Flynet

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  1. liyah

    why is she always bare foot?

  2. sara

    shoes aren’t exactly the most comfortable things for kids to put on. i once babysat a kid who hated wearing shirts, tops even when it’s cold. liyah….yea, i should have asked him why. *rolled eyes*

    i don’t think it’s a problem if suri goes bare foot. there are some bare foot groups out there. u NEED to go their sites and ask them why they like that, liyah.
    jeez, ignorant people tick me off.

  3. Nina

    God she is gorgeous. I rarely comment but these very nice pictures.

  4. gia

    Easy for Tom to say, we mostly see Katie out & about with Suri.

  5. Dea

    Aw, what a great personality she has! and I have to admit, suri is so adorable!

  6. Janie

    Suri is a gorgeous child!

  7. anne

    Suri’s an attractive child, no doubt, but–good heavens–it’s crazy how she makes people fall all over themselves. There are truly wonderful-looking children around us every day, not to mention on this very website; is she really that exceptional?

  8. Monkey

    Wow – they finally programmed the little robot to smile. Congrats Scientologists!

  9. Sam

    Monkey- If you have nothing nice to say about a CHILD, then why waste your time to even write anything on here. It goes to show that YOU are the CHILD.

    Suri looks adorable and who cares if she doesn’t have shoes on…. she is being carried by her mother. She is smiling and being friendly… seems that they have at least taught her to be polite which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

  10. Amanda

    Sara, well people who get worked up when somebody asks why this child can’t walk on her two feet half the time tick me off as well. It’s just a matter of curiosity, so why get so defensive?

  11. cat

    Wow monkey you really make your rounds on this site. From the comments you leave you must really be jealous of these children. It’s sad that people have nothing better to do then be rude. whatever brings joy to your other wise boring life.

  12. Anonymous

    I like Suri and think she is a beautiful child but I think these pictures belong to a spoiled child rather than a warm child. From day one, she has all eyes on her..She should be left alone a little bit.

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