Last Day to Enter: Giveaway – Sentimental Silver

Sentimental Silver jewelry puts a modern spin on an old classic. Their unique personalized pendants are completely handmade using recycled silver. Every pure (99.9%) silver piece is one of a kind!

Sentimental Silver offers a wide variety of shapes and styles, with each piece being custom made with your text of choice – use the names of your cherished loved ones, a special saying or celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special date. Have birthstones embedded into your piece for an even more unique look. Mix and match your favorite charms, and even add a sterling silver picture frame charm to your necklace. The possibilities are truly endless!

Celebrities and their tots have been spotted wearing these unique pieces, including Coco Arquette sporting the Sparkle Dainty Daisy right here on our website! The following celeb kids have the Sparkle Dainty Daisy like Coco’s: Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni, Jennifer Garner’s daughter Violet, Marcia Cross’ twins Eden & Savannah, Tori Spelling’s daughter Stella, Brooke Shield’s girls Rowan & Grier, and Salma Hayek’s daughter Valentina. Sentimental Silver has also created custom-made pieces for celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and Halle Berry, just to name a few.

Mommy jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, and Sentimental Silver is perfect for Mother’s Day. Find something for your favorite mother or grandmother, or treat yourself! Shop now – the Mother’s Day ordering deadline is April 21st!

We are giving away $100 Gift Certificates to 2 of our lucky readers! Also exclusive to our readers is a 25% discount off your entire order for the next 30 days (offer ends April 27). All you need to do is enter promo code CBS at checkout.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite item at Sentimental Silver and 2 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends April 3 at 7 P.M. EST. Entries open to Canada and USA residents only. Good luck!

Congratulations to the winner of our Family Centric Pendant Giveaway: Joanna!

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  1. Brandee McGrath

    How very cool I hope I win!

  2. Marlee

    I love the sparkle bar necklace!!


    I just love the “I am Blessed” photo necklace. Even if I don’t win this is such an adorable idea I might just buy one!

  4. Beth Urban

    CUT AWAY HEART LINE RECTANGLE NECKLACE is simply beautiful. It would allow me to keep all my children right next to my heart at all times.

  5. Michelle Stierwalt

    I love the sweethearts necklace. Im so glad there is some modern mothers jewlry out there.

  6. Chantal

    I love the LARGE STAR necklace!!

  7. Kristina

    I love the photo bracelets! They are such a cute way to show off your kids!!

  8. jane

    I love the tiny tags necklace! The jewelry is beautiful – all of it!

  9. Deana

    Love these. As beautiful as last weeks giveaway was, I actually like these better! Hopefully I am lucky this week:)

  10. kiki

    Love the photo necklace…I can take a pic of my son everywhere I go!

  11. randi

    Oh, those petite sparkle deluxe necklaces are so cute! I would love to wear one of those with cute spring outfit!

  12. April

    I love the Blessed necklace with the attached name.
    I’ve been eying one of these necklaces for months.
    So adorable.

  13. Jean Ann Maguire

    The photo chains are very nice.

  14. Thea

    I love the squares with the tiny tags!

  15. sandra

    Love the charm with the picture charm!!!

  16. melanie

    I love them all, but I would love to have the necklace with the ohoto charm!

  17. Kate Hayden

    I love the sparkle line of necklaces! They have the names and the birthstones. Very sweet!

  18. Anonymous

    My 5 year old and I love the petite round sparkle necklace…having my daughter’s names and birthstone on each is such a great idea and would be such a treasure to me.

  19. what gorgeous pieces she has! I love the photo charm necklaces, I have always wanted something like this but I wanted the photo to show (not be like a locket and be closed) so this is definitely an item that I would love and cherish!

  20. Jodi P

    i LOVE the sweethearts necklace and ALL of the sparkle line! such a good idea. i am hoping to do this instead of a mothers ring someday.

  21. My favorite is the Sparkle Dainty Daisy!!

  22. Aubrey

    I love the necklace option that has the sparkle petite pendant with the sparkle daisy pendant. I have a boy and a girl and that would be adorable to wear… and never take off. Love it!!!

  23. sandra


  24. melanie

    LOVE this jewels! I have three kids and would love to have something like this for mothers day!!!!!

  25. Deana

    Soo lovig this giveaway. I sent all my friends to your site to check out how cute they are!

  26. Thea

    I like the “I am Blessed” necklaces with a name- all of them!

  27. i think the heart rectangular cut away is wayyy fab!

  28. Emily

    I’d get the dainty daisy.

  29. Kate

    I like the square or rectangle personalized necklace. Very sweet.

  30. Kathy Neilsen

    “I am Blessed” Photo necklace is my fav but everything is sooo cute. I’d love any of their pieces 🙂

  31. Baboon

    My favorite is the Pendant with the Sterling Silver Photo Charm attached!

  32. Michelle

    The sweetheart necklace is my favorite.

  33. Amanda C

    I love the Large star necklase w. two smaller pendants for each of my kids names.

  34. Liz

    I love the petite round on the chain… its all so cute!


    wow these contests are getting more and more popular! I love the dainty daisy!

  36. TARYN

    Wow, I have never seen the photo jewelry anywhere before. That is so unique! What a great twist on a locket charm!

    Definitely the photo jewelry is my fave!

  37. jane

    The more I look, the more I find things I want! I love the dainty daisy necklace.

  38. Whitney

    I still love the tiny tags and the sparkle bar necklace!

  39. Lisa

    My fave is the Heart Square Cut Away necklace, so lovely!

  40. Tiffany

    I would love to win one of these, as I never win anything!:) To have my four little people’s names around my neck would be wonderful.

    PS. pick me, pick me

  41. kiki

    I would never take the photo charm necklace off…

  42. Becky

    I love the 3 charm rectangle birthstone necklace. Too cute, and original.

  43. Jean Ann Maguire

    The birthstone collection is also very nice.

  44. zmama

    So cute! I’d love to gift this to my best friend who is expecting twins!

  45. Tina

    I love the tiny tags and the photo charm necklace. This stuff is gorgeous!

  46. Rebecca

    I love the small star pendant!

  47. Rebecca K.

    I love the “I Am Blessed” pendant paired with the baby’s name. What a perfect baby shower gift!

  48. I love the sparkel line. The birthstones are a great touch. I would love to win. What a great mothers gift.

  49. Terra Heck

    My favorite is the Cut Away Heart Line Rectangle Necklace. Thanks.

  50. Angie McNeal

    i would love to win. it is soooo cute!

  51. Carolyn Martin

    i think the tiny tag are the cutest thing ever. i hope i could win one with my sons name on it.

  52. Deana

    These are so awesome! Great way to show off what a proud mom you are! Would love to have one, will wear it with pride!!!!

  53. jen

    love the petite pendant and tiny tags necklaces!

  54. I love personalized things…especially jewerly. I would love any of them with my daughters names on it. Stella, Emilia and Lilly! Iwould love to WIN!!

  55. Traceyb

    I love the round or rectangle personalized pendants, so beautiful!

  56. Baboon


  57. Jodi P

    i LOVE the sweethearts necklace and ALL of the sparkle line! such a good idea. i am hoping to do this instead of a mothers ring someday.

  58. Michelle

    My favorite is the sweethearts necklace. It’s nice to see some personalized jewelry with a modern twist. I stumbled upon the Sentimental Silver website last year around Mothers Day but the prices were a little too high for my budget.

  59. Tiffany

    I love the I am blessed one.

  60. So many to choose from, hard to pick just one… but I love the “Silver Sweethearts”

  61. Monica

    I really like the tiny tags with the square and the sweetheart tags necklace. super cute! Good thing mothers day is coming!!!

  62. jane

    I love the tiny tags! I really hope I win this time – I always sign up, but never win. These are really beautiful.

  63. sandra

    my favorite is the SPARKLE PETITE PENDANT

  64. I love the simple small heart set at an angle!

  65. Lisa

    The Heart Square Cut Away necklace is so beautiful!


    I love the sweathearts necklace… I hope I win!

  67. Tina

    I love the tiny tags and the photo necklace!

  68. Gia

    Every piece is so beautiful- I don’t know how to choose!! I would definitely love to wear the petite round sparkle necklaces with a disc for each of my two little men. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  69. Audrey Feely

    I love the sweethearts necklace – so sweet!

  70. I love the oval tag necklace…I would love having a piece of jewelry with the names of my three children on it! I also love that this designer uses recycled silver, each piece is truly one of a kind!

  71. Chastity

    I love the Round Sparkle Jewelry. I like the idea of having both of my boys names on the same necklace. Thanks for promoting this site. The jewelry is so fun.

  72. Nicole

    I love the I am Blessed pendant. How sweet

  73. Whitney

    I love the birthstone collection.

  74. Evelyn Daniels

    I would love to have such a beautiful necklace to celebrate the recent birth of my baby girl. What a great heirloom it would make to pass down to her!

  75. melanie

    I would love to have a necklace with my kids names on them. how sweet

  76. sandra

    I would love to have a nceklace like this to proudly show my 3 grandchildren’s names

  77. melanie

    LOVE THEM! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  78. Rebecca

    They are all gorgeous but my favorite is the small star pendant!

  79. Terra Heck

    The Cut Away Heart Line Rectangle Necklace is my favorite. Thanks.

  80. Gia

    Obsessed with the petitie sparkle necklace- I have been dreaming about them ever since I first saw them!! They would be perfect for the two little loves of my life- Danny and Jack 🙂

  81. sandra



    I love the photo necklace! So adorable!

  83. Deana

    Would so love one of these!

  84. vicki

    I like the photo jewelry too. So pretty!

  85. melanie

    I want one of these!!! Thank you 🙂

  86. Rebecca

    They are all beautiful but my favorite is the small star pendant!

  87. Jenn

    I love the star necklace…with sparkle

  88. Baboon

    I like the sparkle bar necklace!!

  89. Sharon R

    How pretty! I like the PHOTO CHARM NECKLACE – it’s very simple and elegant. I have to go back and look at the star necklace that everyone is raving about though…

  90. courtney

    “I am Blessed” photo necklace

  91. Joleen

    I really like the small heart necklace.

  92. Kate H.

    These are so cute!! My favorite is the one’s with the names and birth stone!!

  93. lauren

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the personalized jewelry… I would love to have a charm with my sons name, birthday, and even birthstone on it, and then add to the necklace as my family grows!!…
    I also the love the PHOTO CHARM bracelets, they look fun and cool to wear!!!.. anything thats personalized with my childs face looks fabulous to me!!!
    I hope I win

  94. Sperry


  95. Melissa E.

    I love the I am blessed necklace!

  96. sandra

    i covet the PHOTO CHARM BRACELET

  97. Marlee

    Sparkle bar necklace!!! Love it!

  98. Gma Bonnie

    Due to skin problems I only wear the occasional necklace, so when I saw these adoreable “tags” I fell in love with them. Both of my boys are now married and we have one grandson and would love to display my love for them by wearing this necklace. It’s the closest thing to the Gma ring, which I can not wear. Thanks for the chance to win !!!!

  99. Natalie

    I love the petite rounds in the sparkle line! Adorable!

  100. Lisa

    The Heart Square Cut Away necklace is beautiful!

  101. JENNY-LOO

    I love the photo braclets!

  102. trish

    They are all so cute, I would love one with the heart and 2 names

  103. Karen G

    I absolutely adore the * I AM BLESSED * photo charm necklace!

  104. vicki

    the photo jewelry is so great!!!
    good luck everyone!!!

  105. Emily

    I would get any or a combo of the personalized necklaces. Very neat stuff.

  106. taryn

    i like the photo jewelry best, but my favorite of those is the charm version hanging from the sweet, “Family” or “Love” circle pendants! can’t wait to see who wins! good luck!!

  107. Rebecca

    My favorite is the small star pendant!

  108. Val Pearson


  109. Tiffany

    This is my last chance to beg. PLease…………….I would so love to have my four angel’s names around me all the time. My family is now complete and I would to show that off as often as I could.

  110. tina mcnicholas

    I love the tiny tags, too!!! They are 2 cute!!!

  111. Jenny

    I love the simple round ones. Nothing fancy, just a simple way of keeping my kiddos close to my heart!

  112. kiki

    photo charm bracelet would be a great mom’ s day gift for me!—hint! hint!

  113. hannahmumma

    I love the dainty daisy necklace!! very sweet!!

  114. Deana

    Coolest give away! Hope I hear the good news tomorrow!!!!!

  115. ann

    petite round sparkle necklace!

  116. AF

    I love the tiny tags and bought the cutest one for my Mom with all of her Grandkids’ names on each tag!

  117. alexis

    I like the circles with the birthstones, simple and elegant

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