Jennifer Lopez Loves Everything About Motherhood

Jennifer, who is mom to 1-year-old wins Max and Emme, talked to US magazine about what she loves about motherhood – namely, “everything!”

“What’s the best thing about being a mom? Everything! Oh God, I could talk for a year about that!” Jennifer gushed. “They’re walking, they’re talking, they’re babbling a lot – all that kind of stuff. It’s wonderful to watch! They’re very in tune with each other.”

Her husband – who has three kids from previous relationships – seems eager to add to their brood. Asked if they have plans for more babies, he replied, “I hope [we have more kids on the way] soon!”

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  1. elizabeth

    this is laughable.. I’m sorry- JLO does not seem like she gives a darn about her babies.. When have we seen them together? Besides the paid photos for people magaize? Yes- maybe they are private and try to avoid the photogs, but even the privatest of people somehow get caught with their kids.. JLO- never.. Please, I doubt she cares about her babies over those 2 million dollar earrings!

  2. Darya

    I don’t know how Jennifer relates to her kids….she seems to. She looks great here, back in shape and more gorgeous than ever.

  3. Chris X

    Wasn’t she just in Japan? And now she is selling Topshop clothes? How much time is she actually around those kids – considering she is always talking about how much sleep she needs. And looking that good isn’t something that can be thrown together in ten minutes with two babies hanging on you. But at least she dresses her father nicely – I love that plaid.

  4. Anonymous

    Even though I agree that she’s hardly photographed with her kids, I do think she loves them dearly, regardless of the time she actually spends with them….Idk, maybe it’s just me…

  5. Dea

    Not buying her want to see a real mommy? look at her ex’s wife: Jennifer Gardner! she manages to take care of 2 girls and still have a REAL career. I doubt JLo even knows where the nurseries are in her house.

  6. Jenna

    “But at least she dresses her father nicely – I love that plaid.”

    Best comment – thanks for the laugh!

    Seriously, about this article, I think the real crime is that these two have not been sterilized yet. Face it, they won’t last together and Skeletor, as people like to call him, already has fathered three other children from past “relationships.” The thought of either of them having more children, when they are too busy posing for the camera and going to ridiculous openings makes me ill.

  7. Anonymous

    Uh oh! I think someone killed a sofa to make his jacket.

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