Matilda Ledger Is A Little Daredevil!

Matilda Ledger, 3, was seen climbing up a metal fence in Brooklyn on Sunday. Her nanny was by her side as the little daredevil climbed higher and higher.

Mom is Academy Award-nominated actress, Michelle Williams. The 28-year-old actress broke into stardom on the teen series Dawsonโ€™s Creek and later graduated to full-length features, most notably Brokeback Mountain, where she met and fell in love with Matlidaโ€™s late father Heath Ledger.

Photos: Splash / Flynet

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  • twlight

    this darling little girl is the splitting image of her father. However in a couple of these photos, its evident that she has her mother’s beautiful smile

  • Amie

    She is so adorable. This is the first time I see Michelle in Matilda.

  • aubrey madeline

    matilda is so beyond adorable

  • Ally

    D’aww. She’s so freaking cute. And is it just me, or does she seem really big for her age?

    She’s starting to look less like Heath and more like her mama.

  • Rosy J

    OMG! She is soooo cuuuuuute. These pics are absolutely adorable and makes me fight back tears for her dad. If only……

  • Annie

    I felt almost like crying seeing that main picture of her smiling. I’ve never seen a picture like that before and she looks so much the spitting image of Heath smiling it’s painful to see.
    She’s gorgeous.

  • Laura

    wonderful wonderful little girl!

  • Katie

    She looks so happy. I hope she has a happy life.

  • sheyla

    This has got to be the one time I sure do appreciate the paps!! Those are the most precious pictures ever taken of someones child. It’s as if she was on a photoshoot. Michelle seems to really have the most grounded child. Is it just me or does that picture of her in the stroller just seem weird? I guess seeing her climbing fences and being so adorable…It just seems unnecessary. I hope Michelle sees these and downloads them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Janie

    She is adorable and always so happy!

  • Dana

    She looks so happy and full of life, which is wonderful to see. She does seem to look older for her age. What a precious little girl!

  • Laura

    What a pretty girl!! She looks so happy!

  • anne

    It thrills me that she’s such a spunky little girl . . . (sorry, Lou Grant: we *love* spunk!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amie

    She’s adorable. This is the first time I can see some of Michelle in Matilda.

  • Amanda

    Cutest and most amazing set of pics of Matilda!! She def has grown big time. Love, love the main pic. Fav pic of her by far!!

  • melanie

    WOW! this picture makes me so happy! she looks sooo pretty!!!

  • Destiny

    -She only looks like Michelle when she smiles, but when she got that famous fierce Heath look.. she’s ALL him!! She’s just beyond adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lioness

    Thank you, CBS, for giving me my dose of Matilda- I was starting to get the shakes ๐Ÿ™‚ No other person on this site makes me smile like she does. Such a beautiful little mama ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sarah

    Adorable little girl! You can definitely tell she is Michelle’s daughter when she smiles

  • Anonymous

    She looks more like her father every day. What a beautiful little girl. I just hope that Michelle with always keep Heath in Matilda’s life. I hope that Matilda has a great life with her “new daddy.” She looks very happy, and that is what Heath would have wanted for her….happiness.

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