Brooke Burke: “A Mother’s Work Is Never Done!”

The busy – make that very busy – mom writes, “Lately I have been so busy being pulled in a million directions that I am trying to squeeze in my baby moments. Isn’t that the ongoing challenge of motherhood? Not to mention the guilt that goes along with the fact that there are not enough hours in the day for everyone’s needs.”

Brooke has daughters Neriah, 9, and Seirra, 7, from a previous marriage and daughter Heaven, 2, and son Shaya, 1, with her fiance David Charvet.

She blogs about a typical day in the Burke-Charvet family:

“No need for an alarm in the morning, baby is up fussing for milk. Our two year old needs to go potty and my eyes are fighting the sunlight. My back hurts form being sandwiched in between two babies that are not yet sleeping through the night (on my side of the bed btw). I wake up my older kids for school and hurry downstairs to get breakfast ready and make it out the door in time to beat rush hour. Thank God I made lunches last night, and I have a 30 minute drive for the kids to finish eating breakfast. Quick glance at the school calendar to make sure I have not missed anything; I have 5 minutes for myself to throw hair in a ponytail, sweats and flip flops on and grab my shades to hide the restless nights bags under my eyes. I yell for everyone to get in the car, bus is leaving!!!”

Brooke was spotted spending time with the family in Malibu over the weekend.

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  1. anonymous

    Yup, that’s the unglamorous, but rewarding life of a mom!

  2. aubrey madeline

    all of brooke children looks like her

  3. Allisyn

    How I love it when celebrities tell us how hard they have it and how busy they are. Maybe you could free up some time by not blogging every freakin thing you do?

  4. gia

    It doesnt sound that hectic to me…She has 2 older children who are in school full time, they can also help with the babies. If she didnt sleep with her babies, then she would get more rest…I dont like mommies coming off sounding like martyrs.

  5. Moore

    Isn’t she always writing about how hard motherhood is for her? Is it just to identify with other mothers?
    Brooke, just stop now. You have live in nannies. If it’s still so hard and tiring then you need to re-evaluate, get tougher skin or something. I don’t know.
    I’m really sick of her talking.

  6. melanie

    she has live-in nannies???

    anyway, how aren’t your 1 and 2-year-olds sleeping thru the night yet?

  7. Moore

    Yep, melanie, she does. She said in some other recent interview that she has so much to handle with 4 kids that she had to get live in nannies. There’s no problem with having nannies but I would think more of her if she would just admit that there are things that she doesn’t have to handle or that things aren’t that hard cause she has people to help her out. Her situation does not seem that hard from what she wrote.

    Also, where the rest of the day? The parts where there’s only two kids in the house, the parts where she’s rushing off to do some sort of work, or when the other two get home? Does it get harder then?

  8. Keri

    I have 2 year old twins, a 9 month old, a full time job, a husband, and friends – my house runs like clockwork! I have no help at all – just a wonderful husband. The whining is ridiculous…

  9. Meghann

    Rain and Shaya are gorgeous!!

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