James Wilkie Skips Off To School

What a playful little guy! Matthew Broderick brought his 6-year-old son, James Wilkie Broderick, to school in the West Village on Thursday. The adorable lad, still supporting the Obama administration, skipped alongside his daddy.

Matthew, wife Sarah Jessica Parker and James Wilkie were just seen celebrating his 48th birthday in Greenwich village. Can you believe Ferris Bueller is all grown up now?!

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Photo credit: Splash

  • Anonymous

    Good lord….get the child some pants that fit and maybe a haircut would be nice. He looks like a homeless little guy and I know his parents can afford to at least dress him DECENTLY.

  • Anonymous

    Could somebody buy that waif a pair of pants? Honestly, he’s reached that age where other kids start to make fun of you for looking that way.

  • Anonymous

    those pants look new to me.. but also incredibly short. there must be a reason for the the odd sized pants!

  • Lioness

    I’m thinking they like the pants short, guys, give the kid a break! Somebody called him a waif, that isn’t necessary, I don’t think. James looks healthy and happy, and that’s all that counts.

  • anne

    James has always struck me as a spirited, thoughtful kid who knows his own mind — and is supported at home to be comfortable with himself. Surely he chooses his daily wardrobe … as most of his classmates must … and I’ll bet any amount of money he’s not the most eyebrow-raisingly dressed kid in school. (I smile when I remember how my son and his people dressed for school at that age!)

  • Janie

    That kid looks like he is homeless.

    Get him some decent clothes and cut his hair!

  • Ann

    Love this family! SJP is famous for fashion yet in real life could care less because what you wear does not make you who you are as a person! You go James! Keep wearing those hand me downs.

  • Andar

    He is always wearing floods. These are the shortest I have ever seen them.
    It is fine to let your child pick out his clothes, but when clothes are too short, too tight, or ill fitting, I make sure I take those out of my child’s closet so they are not choices.
    How hard is it to get the proper size pants for the poor kid?

  • Tara

    Oh i agree, toss out the small pants already SJP. They look ridiculous. If you going to let your kid dress himself, which is cool and all, at least make sure his drawers are full of clothing that FITS.
    And i think his long hair is cute.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he likes the pants and isn’t caught up in clothing fads like most kids his age. I think its great that he wears what he feels comfortable in and isn’t succumbing to pressure to dress the way others do.

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