Tori & Stella Are Shoe Shoppers

Tori Spelling was spotted going into a children’s shoe store in Los Angeles with her 10-month-old daughter Stella Doreen McDermott. The 35-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 star shopped around and held her young daughter, who is soon approaching her first birthday in June. The adorable tot was spotted furniture walking and chillin’ out with mom.

On January 7, 2009, it was reported that Tori would reprise her role as the wholesome Donna Martin on the new CW show 90210. The slim star will appear in two episodes (19 and 20) as a special guest star, joining fictional BFFs who have already made an appearance, Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) and Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty).

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    When u can start to see the inplant on you chest, that means you are way to thin 🙁

    • ratemal

      Absolutely correct – She looks like a skeleton with airbags! Simply horrible.

  • Anonymous

    right, totally agreed. she looks ridic.

  • Anonymous

    Luckily that baby looks like her father, if she looked like Tori it would be HARD TIMES.

  • Dea

    OMG, is she growing fur? I see it on her jaw..they say anorexics develop tiny hairs on their bodies because they lost too much fat. Her husband must be blind not to see how emaciated she is!

  • gia

    She is clearly not well…I hope she doesnt think that being under 100lbs is going to make her look better, because she cant pull it off without looking like she has an eating disorder. Dont these celebs realize its not worth it, the consequences far outweight the career benefits…plus she has babies, she should be less concerned with how skinny she can get & instead be a healthy mom who doesnt look like she could pass out at any second.

  • Anonymous

    Hatter train here. People can lose weight with different body weight. I think Stella look like her dad and her brother look like Tori.

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