Francesca Takes A Bite Outta The Big Apple

Jason Bateman was pictured with wife Amanda Anka and their gorgeous 2 1/2-year-old daughter Francesca leaving The Roundabout theatre in NYC where he was filming The Baster with Jennifer Aniston. Adorable Francesca enjoyed an apple while riding on her dad’s shoulders.

Though Jason and Amanda met as teenagers in high school, he said it took him a while to realize she was ‘the one’: “Once I got my sh** together, I knew she might be a fantastic candidate for the better half of my life. I only wanted to get married once, so I had to look for someone with longevity, which would be a friend. And a friend that I really want to sleep with, too – then that’s the ticket.”

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Photo credit: Splash / Pacific Coast News


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  1. carolyn

    What a beautiful girl! I just love Jason Bateman, he’s so funny!

  2. anne

    Francesca, Matilda, and a wee bit o’ Sasha in the same viewing session … be still my heart!

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