Johan Samuel Has The Hottest Hair In Hollywood!

The funkiest hair in Hollywood! The adorable 2-year-old son of Heidi Klum and Seal, Johan Samuel, was photographed with his family in the Upper West Side as they visited the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday. Big sister Leni, 4, and Henry, 3 (who also have lovely hair), were accompanied by their famous parents all over NYC today and last night.

The family of five were also photographed strolling in the downtown Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo and ended up in a G-Star clothing shop. The night before, the gorgeous family headed to dinner at Japanese restaurant Omen, also in SoHo.

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Photo credit: Splash

  • .:.Mama to my Boy.:.

    What a little cutie pie!! He reminds me of a mini-Jayden Smith!!

  • Peta

    I love their hair too.

  • Kanda

    hottest hair?
    I’m afraid of what is living in that nasty headful of hair. It is ridiculous. It needs to be combed or just shaved. Nasty.

    • Peta

      Nasty? Why do people always assume that people with unconventional hair don’t wash it? Combing – I can agree with that, but calling it nasty is a bit too much.

  • Janie

    adorable boy!

  • anne

    Comb that? No way! Can’t imagine taking a comb to such a gorgeous headful of natural dreads! (hey, it’s a legitimate way with hair, not neglect)

    • Peta

      Thank you, Anne. I have relatives with dreads, and friends with long hair. It pisses me off when people automatically assume that uncut hair = unkempt, filthy hair.

  • Hannah

    Johan is absolutely gorgeous!! I love his hair, it’s beautiful and curly. and I’m sure Heidi Klum wouldn’t allow her son to have “nasty” or “dirty” hair.

  • Émilie

    What a gorgeous little man! I think he looks more like Heidi than Seal, what do you guys think?

  • Lioness

    They don’t have dreads, just an afro. And it looks quite clean- just dry. They both have gorgeous hair, though, I would definitely NOT cut it off. I love this family’s style.

  • Erica

    His hair is so cute…he’s a cutie pie..and for those that do not know about black people’s hair…his hair looks washed and combed he just has a curly texture which gets even more curly AFTER it is washed. How rude to call someones child hair nasty!

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