Tori Spelling & Family Launch Mommywood

Tori Spelling, along with her hubby Dean McDermott and their two children Liam, 2, and Stella, 10 months, celebrated the release of her new book Mommywood in Beverly Hills, CA on Monday.

Celebrities in attendance of the book launch included fellow 90210 star Jennie Garth, celebutante Kim Kardashian, Melrose Place hopeful Lisa Rinna and the always-colorful Bobby Trendy.

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  • Dea

    Hmm..for a moment there I was speechless. Did her boob shifted to the middle?

  • Anna

    She looks awful, I hope she realizes it soon.

  • Moore

    I was wondering about her boob too. Must be the angle.
    Her daughter looks like her dad who for some reason makes me think he needs to be on the Wizard of Oz.

  • Sanja

    That’s what happens when you have implants and loose a lot of weight. And her implants might have gotten ‘damaged’ due to pregnancy and breastfeeding (don’t they have to be changed every few years?).

  • Jen

    Her boobs have been misshapen since she had them done in the 90s it just looks more obvious when she’s thin, she needs to gain back a lot of the weight she lost after her babies.

  • Dana

    She has lost a drastic amount of weight just since November. I saw another picture of her taken about that time and she looked healthy. She looks terrible right now. She looks anorexic which only intensifies some of her other features.

  • Ann26

    I agree she lost A LOT of weight. I think she looked good with some more fullness in her face. Stella looks just like Dean.

  • Janie

    She looks terrible. So skinny with those big fake boobs!

    She looks like a man!

  • Lioness

    Well, she seems to have images issues, so it’s not surprising she looks a little crazy- many people with severe image issues do, lol. Some people just don’t look good super-thin, and she’s one of them. But if she’s happy and healthy, they who are we to judge?

    Kids are very cute, of course…

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