Angelina Jolie Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Readers of Vanity Fair magazine have declared Angelina Jolie the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. The mom-of-six took the title by a landslide, earning an impressive 58% of the votes in a recent VF poll.

“Of the billions of women on this planet, only 19, we believe, could start wars,” the article begins. “These modern-day Helens of Troy come from both hemispheres and include legends and ingenues, a Queen and a first Lady, and at least two bedmates of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Though the competition wasn’t even close, there were several other moms included in the magazine’s list of 19 beauties, including Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Cate Blanchett, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Here is the complete Vanity Fair list… do you agree Angelina deserves the top spot? Is there anybody missing?

1) Angelina Jolie 58%
2) Gisele Bundchen 9%
3) Halle Berry 4%
4) Penelope Cruz 3%
4) Scarlett Johansson 3%
4) Jennifer Connelly 3%
4) Queen Rania of Jordan 3%
4) Bar Refaeli 3%
5) Catherine Deneuve 2%
5) Freida Pinto 2%
5) Natalia Vodianova 2%
5) Ziyi Zhang 2%
5) Beyonce Knowles 2%
5) Cate Blanchett 2%
6) Elle MacPherson 1%
6) Kate Moss 1%
6) Gwyneth Paltrow 1%
6) Kerry Washington 1%
6) Carla Bruni 1%

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  • gia

    Angelina is surely gorgeous, but I am not sure if she would be my number one.

  • Q

    She’s ok, if you like the skin and bones type….eh

  • LindsHo

    In the world? Are you serious? SHE’S the most beautiful woman in the world? I just love how magazine spew out pathetic BS like this about celebrities to enlarge their already huge egos. This woman is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s beautiful, but that’s only on the outside. She’s most likely the most hated woman also.

  • Kanda

    I don’t agree. I also feel that she has marred her body with those ugly tattoos. Why would someone want to mar their beautiful skin with those marks? That is ridiculous. If she would get rid of them and gain a little weight where her bones don’t protude and her hands don’t look like skeletons, then maybe she would make a list somewhere.
    it is a sad world when the most beautiful woman looks like a skeleton with a wig on. Look at those wrists and hands? Gross.

  • Rinoa

    I think Angelina is one of the most beautiful celebrities but I have to admit that Freida Pinto is #1 in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    what about aishwarya rai?

  • melanie

    NOT at all! not even in my top 10.

  • Anonymous

    Marisa Tomei,
    Kate Winslet
    Jennifer Aniston,
    Paz Vega
    Elsa Pataky
    Natalie Portman
    Evangeline Lilly

  • twila

    i don’t like how the beauty of women in hollywood is over exaggerated. no one person is the most anything in a demographic as large as the world. lol. it’s such a ridiculously overblown statement. sure’s she beautiful but is that really surprising when her wealth gives her access to skin-care and hair-care regimens that most of us can’t afford. after all beautiful woman are like a dime a dozen in hollywood; that’s the pretty woman capital of the world.

  • kate

    Nah, she is no where near my top ten. She is too thin, too tinkered, to plastic and is ugly on the inside. So nope, I would never vote for her. However she does have rabid fans who must have sat on the site all night and voted. Still, judging from the few comments here, few people, even men I have met find her that beautiful.

  • kayla

    angelina?? no 1 in the world????? weird..

  • Janiekins

    Angelina Jolie is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world!

    She is NOT attractive at all!

  • Francesca

    Love Angelina, but would Halle Berry would have gotten my vote…

  • Dea

    Obviously VF only look for skin deep factor. You want to vote for the most beautiful woman in the WORLD we should have looked for brain, beauty and contribution to society. Like another poster mentioned, beautiful women in Hollyweird are a dime a dozen but I have not find one that carries those 3..and oh please, dont mentioned her “publicity stunt charities” as contribution to society since I realised it always coincides when she has a movie to promote.

  • Kat

    What about

    Monica Bellucci
    Sophie Marceau
    Kate Beckinsale?

  • Anonymous

    @ishwarya rai is really lame ugly old hag who would even think of mentioning her in the top beauty list ?? she looks like halloween came too early

  • Anonymous

    i adore angelina jolie there are plenty of other celebrities who earn millions but dont raise a finger to help out . while irrespective of the underlying motive of her generosity what do some lame ppl do???? talk ill about her i would really like to ask theese self annointed saints how much of ”charity work” have they done????? and to judge angelina in the light of her thin arms Come on man!! commenting about her ,that just let your insecurities glare through!! to raise a wonderful family . of children not only biologicaly but from different parts of the world .. that shows her incredible strentgh and the how big hearted and warm and welcoming she is irrespective of the ethnicity or region of theese children !! its sad that some real low lifes who dont have even .1% worth of wat angelina has .. is judging her and remarking that she aint good enough .well i can only say Cheers to a remarkable strong big hearted amazing woman ~~~ANGELINA JOLIE !!

  • Samantha Foster

    Yes I agree Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful women in the world!! She’s gorgeous on the inside and out. She’s hot!!:)

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