Holly Robinson Peete Accuses Amanda Peet Of “Fearmongering”

It looks like Holly Robinson Peete is picking up where Jenny McCarthy left off. Holly has penned an open letter to Amanda Peet on Essence.com that takes issue with her public statements dismissing any links between vaccinations and autism.

Jenny, whose son Evan was diagnosed with autism (though she says he has now recovered), and Amanda engaged in a very public debate last year on the issue, exchanging barbs in the media.

Now Holly, who sits on the board of the awareness organization Autism Speaks, has taken up the fight. Her eldest son RJ, now 11, was also diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old, shortly after receiving vaccinations.

“I firmly believe that it took my son to a place of no return and his body could not handle it,” she writes of the vaccinations. “He had a violent reaction with convulsions and then he stopped talking and slipped into a silence. He no longer said, “Hi, Mommy,” he no longer responded to his name and he no longer made eye contact.”

Amanda, mom to 2-year-old daughter Frances, is the spokesperson for the Every Child by 2 vaccination awareness campaign. Last year she stated in an interview with Cookie magazine that parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids are “parasites.” Though she later apologized for her choice of words, she’s held firm to her insistence that there is no link between vaccinations and autism.

“I’m really disappointed to hear people like Amanda Peet—who have never been affected by autism—make public allegations like vaccinations don’t cause autism,” says Holly. “But I know exactly what she is trying to do and that’s to instill fear: if your child doesn’t get vaccinations, you’re going to make every other child sick.”

She adds, “do you think it’s okay to make a judgment about me based on what I know about my son and the rest of my children physiologically? If your mission is to gain the public’s trust, then you’re not going to get parents to do it by fearmongering. Until you’ve experienced the physical, emotional and financial toll you simply can’t make such public statements.”

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  1. Anonymous

    The irony in her use of “fearmongering” would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. You don’t have to have a child with autisum to know that there is NO scientific link between vaccines and autism. NONE. And having a child with autism does not make you an expert on its causes. Please leave that to the actual scientists who know what they are talking about.

    Please, people, do not listen to this woman. Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. They are one of the greatest triumphs of modern medicine and save millions of lives. There is a real reason why we are beginning to see a rise in preventable diseases like measles, and it is because of misinformed people who don’t vaccinate their children.

    • emmamom

      i do not have a child with autism and my child is caught up on her vaccines. But I do not pass judgement or rather claim to recognize that the scientists and professionals know everything. Holly is using her mother’s intuition and her recollection of what happened to her son and when. Who am I to tell her that her son did not become autistic because of his reaction to a vaccine. Let her be a Mom and warn other moms of the possible dangers of vaccinations. I don’t think Holly Robinson or Jenny McCarthy are proponents of no vaccines. I think they just want to alert us to tread carefully when it comes to vaccines and not to vaccinate our kids with so much so young. I completely agree. I know how I felt when I got my shots as a child: sick and out of sorts. Children nowadays get so much more than we have ever been vaccinated and sometimes multiple vaccines are given in one dose. That is scary and something to reconsider.

    • Anonymous

      Wendy Lukasik Yennerell, Please learn how to spell autism. It’s a start for people who pretend to know something about it.

  2. Lucia

    If Jenny McCarthy was not a proponent of no vaccines, then why in the world has she used phrases like “Don’t get your children vaccinated”?

    Of course children now are getting more vaccines . . . Every year new diseases surface. And if polio as still a major disease, you bet people would still be getting the vaccine for it. Vaccinations are the reason polio is no longer an issue. Lack of vaccines is the reason deaths from measles are on the rise.

    How can it NOT be called neglect when a child dies from measles when they were not vaccinated? Thank you anon, for saying what I have been trying to get people to listen to on this site for ages.

    I’m sorry people have autism. I’m sorry my son has autism. But that does not mean that I will not be getting children I have in the future vaccinated. I simply have taken a deep breath and realized, as Holly and Jenny have yet to do, and realized that there are more important things than figuring out who to blame. Like figuring out how to help my son now. What happened happened. I’m sorry it did. But my son is still an amazing child, even if he can’t tell me he loves me.

    Fearmongering makes me think of someone spouting off “facts” that aren’t true just to get people on her side. When I think of this phrase, I think of Jenny McCarthy, and now apparently Holly Robinson.

    When I think of someone trying to protect children, I think of Amanda peet.

    Did Holly stop to realize that the rate for autism HAS NOT GONE DOWN even though a lot fewer children are being vaccinated.

    Did she stop to realize that the rate at which children are dying from PREVENTABLE diseases is on the rise? If you don’t believe me, check it out. The facts are scary. There is no way to present them otherwise.

  3. Hannah

    Statements like Holly’s make me very sad. It’s discouraging when misinformed people make misinformed statements merely because they are looking to pinpoint a cause for what has happened to their children. Holly and other celebrities are in a position where people actually listen and take to heart what they are saying, so that leads to people not getting their children vaccinated based on rumors or a lack of hard evidence. There are years and years of studies attributed to the fact that autism isn’t caused by vaccines. Could some children have triggers that are set off by the vaccine? Yes, that’s a possibility, but it’s not true for everyone. Celebrities need to learn that blanket statements are offensive and stupid. I’m glad Amanda Peet took a stand against this misconception about vaccines, and Holly should respect Amanda’s opinion.

  4. Kim

    This is very scary. Please vaccinate your children. I had a very serious discussion with my doctor about it and we went over it over and over again. For the sake of other children and your own you must. We can find answers for Autism and search for healing, but we can’t try to eliminate one problem by inflicting and even worse one.

  5. Audrey

    There once was thougght there was no connection with Agent Orange, no Desert Storm Syndrome and ulcers used to be thought of as caused by stress (it isn’t). I”m all for letting parents make their own judgment call at this point.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m someone who has never been vaccinated and have never had any illness more serious than a mere cold (parents are doctors I might add). I fully support people like Jenny and Holly, and think more people should be aware of what goes into these vaccines and the outcomes of vaccinating.

  7. Lucia

    You say people should be aware of the outcomes of diseases, but can you please show me what those are? I repeat that there is NO connection between autism and vaccinations.

    Vaccines have been around a lot longer than agent orange, and there is still no connection. So that defense does not hold. Sorry.

    Let parents make their own decisions, okay. But DO NOT go flaunting incorrect information and pretending to be a professional when you are not and using your influence to help parents make poor decisions that could lead to their child’s death.

  8. Anonymous

    The problem is that people don’t just decide for their child. Every child who isn’t vaccinated lessens the “herd immunity” that is vital for eliminating these diseases and puts others at risk.

    All it’s going to take is one decent sized outbreak of polio in this country and the whether to vaccinate question will cease to exist.

  9. Anonymous

    It surprises me that so many mothers take what two ACTRESSES – one of which who has a nanny take care of her children (Holly Robinson Peete) and one who admittedly smoked while pregnant (Jenny McCarthy) as gospel.

    I am glad that the majority of replies on this board are from women who do not buy this garbage.

    • emmamom

      To the comment made by Anonymous who commented on Jenny McCarthy admittedly smoking while pregnant. While I am trying to not give a snide comment back, I am more than sure that a lot of moms on this board had Moms who smoked while they (we) were in utero. Smoking did not become a no-no while pregnant until the last 20 years. The rise in autism should not be attributed to something women have been doing for many years before autism became part of our social consciousness. Sorry, but I had to call you on that one.

      • Lucia

        I didn’t get the impression she was saying that caused it . . . She was just saying that she has not always had her child’s best interest at heart. It’s interesting that someone could make decisions like that then get so upset when someone else supposedly hurt her child. And Evan is younger than 20, so she had to have known how much she was hurting her child . . .

        • emmamom

          Alright, I got it now. I thought she implied that she thinks smoking caused Jenny McCarthy’s son having autism. I know these women seem like they are wealthy and with means and so do not deserve our compassion, but we as women have to support other mom’s intuitions and convictions. I do not agree with they schedule of vaccinations that our babies are getting nowadays, but I do agree about the importance of vaccinations. Not vaccinating is a cop-out. You must vaccinate. It is irresponsible not to and as a mom you need to do your homework and work something out with your pediatrician. But I still think we could listen.

  10. Anonymous

    Today’s women would rather vaccinate their pre-teen and teenage daughters with Guardasil rather than stressing the importance of abstinence and/or safe sex yet they have no qualms about keeping the invaluable vaccines for childhood illnesses far away from them. I’m scratching my head!!!

  11. melanie

    if your child or anyone you know is NOT affected by autism, you really shouldn’t have any say on what vaccines do and do not do. let holly and jenny and other mothers think what they want, they’re going thru it, not you.

    • Anonymous

      Not when (not being vaccinated) comes at the expense of other children.

      It’s just like those moron women who decide to do free births despite the risks of serious complications to themselves and the precious baby they carried for 9 months. The majority of today’s women are just concerned about themselves and it is just so sad.

    • Anonymous

      Except the problem is that they are not just quietly having opinions. They are using their positions of authority as public figures to push dangerous lies about the safety of vaccines, which the intention of influencing other people. It affects not just their own children, but everyone else as well. It is a real, very serious public health issue.

      And sorry, but the people who have a “say about what vaccines do or do not do” are the scientists who have repeatedly shown that there is NO LINK between autism and vaccines. NONE AT ALL. Why is this so hard to understand?

    • Pencils

      Being affected by autism has nothing to do with whether autism is caused by vaccines or not. It makes no sense to me, as it has been proved that autism is not caused by vaccines, why moms like Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete don’t want to know why autism really develops? Are they afraid to find out that it’s genetic and therefore there’s nothing they could have done about it? That there’s no one to blame. Personally, I suspect that there’s a genetic element and an environmental one, similar to what probably causes some cancers. Wouldn’t it be good to know what the environmental cause(s) are, and possibly develop a test for those genetically at risk?

  12. Lucia

    Melanie- Thanks for judging, but I do have a child with autism. So even by your standards I can say what I want, and you have to listen, since apparently that is the rule.

    I completely agree. The only people who have a say are the scientists that are backed by hard evidence that vaccines save lives. There IS NO LINK between vaccines and autism. Please just accept it and move on.

  13. melanie

    i guess it’s so hard to understand anon and lucia b/c holly’s son didn’t get autism until he had a vaccination. scientist aren’t always right btw. this is a dead issue w/u people.

    ..and the rule lucia is don’t be a douche.

    • Anonymous

      “holly’s son didn’t get autism until he had a vaccination”

      Uh, so what? That doesn’t mean anything. If I eat a salad and then stub my toe, does that mean eating salad causes toe injuries? Of course not – the fact that those two things happened in succession is a coincidence. Just like the diagnosis of autism happening around the same time as childhood vaccinations is a coincidence. For all you know, it was caused by something the kid ate for breakfast. Most likely, it is just a result of the fact that autism tend to first manifest itself during the main period of early childhood neurological development, which coincidentally happens to be the same time they also receive vaccinations. Doesn’t mean one causes the other.

      To prove that a disease is caused by something, it has to be proven on a statistically significant scale, and this has not be done for autism and vaccines.

      Also, what no one has mentioned here is that the theory behind the “vaccines cause autism” idea was not the vaccines themselves, but a preservative in them called thimerosal. This was removed from childhood vaccines years ago, and yet the rate of autism diagnoses has not changed. People really need to learn how to separate fact from fantasy.

  14. Alisa

    Coming from someone who has an autistic brother… do not listen to Holly Robinson Peete. Just because SHE has an autistic son does not mean she knows everything about autism and can speak as if she’s an expert, just as i’m no expert on autism because i have an autistic brother. It’s been proven that theres no link between vaccines and autism, just as they’ve found that theres no link between mercury and autism. These myths are holding us back from finding the real cause of autism… which, for the record, i firmly believe, i repeat, believe, is genetic. As far as vaccines go, I’m with Amanda Peet. If everyone stopped giving their kids the vaccines, the diseases they fight will reemerge which would be awful. Autism is not something i would wish for another person, but it’s much more managable than, say, measles, or polio.

  15. cat

    ” parents are doctors I might add”
    just because you are a parent does not make you a doctor. I have two babies and I don’t think for one minute I know more than my doctor. That is just scary to say out loud. I think not getting your child vaccinated is so irresponsible. And what about the children who have autism and was not vaccinated? They have proved over and over again that there is no link to autism and vaccination. NO LINK…..and you guys are right about celebrities being a huge influence on what other people think. If a celebrity said having purple hair was the new thing for babies, everyone would be dying their babies hair.
    Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they should be able to decided what they want for their children, but not something like this. You don’t take your child to the ER with a broken arm and say no to a cast. It’s not just dangerous to these poor babies who are not getting vaccinated, it’s dangerous to everyone.

  16. Anonymous

    Cat – I thought she meant that her parents were doctors, rather than all parents.

    I’m with the pro-vaccinators though. The reason that Anonymous hasn’t had anything more serious than a cold is probably because vaccinations have wiped out many very serious and contagious diseases. What a dumb thing to say!

  17. cat

    Thank you for the correction. I agree she meant her parents were doctors.

  18. winn khuong

    Jenny McCarthy is a “loud mouth” (her own words) and she is DANGEROUS. Holly Robinson Peete is also DANGEROUS. My middle son has autism, and my other 2 kids don’t have autism. Get the facts. Read the science. NO link with mercury and autism, NO link with MMR and autism, NO link with the number of vaccines and autism. http://ecbt.org GET THE FACTS. READ THE SCIENCE.
    I agree that Amanda Peet’s wording of “parasites” was rude and it clouded and damaged her important point: vaccines saves lives. http://ecbt.org
    Although parents should be able to decide what their kids eat, where, go to school, etc…. vaccination is a public issue. Herd immunity. There are diseases that new babies under 6months cannot be fully vaccinated against and don’t have the fully developed immune system that older children have. They can still catch disease and they can still die.
    Do your part. Read the science and facts.
    You don’t have to have a child with autism to speak on this and decide for yourself. But just because you have a child with autism, you cannot blame pharma companies, the government, or any other institution for things like the vaccinating schedule as for cause of your child’s autism.

    Focus on getting help for your autistic child. Focus on protecting the immature immune systems of babies who would suffer and die as the vaccine rate drops.


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