Jennifer & Seraphina’s Preschool Pick Up

Jennifer Garner and new baby Seraphina, 3 months, were seen picking up big sister Violet, 3, from preschool in Santa Monica on Wednesday. Jen loaded up the girls and then packed up the stroller in the trunk. With papa Ben Affleck in Boston working on his latest film, Jen brought along their newest bundle of joy for the ride.

Jennifer and baby Seraphina were just spotted taking a stroll over the Easter long weekend. We’re excited to get another glimpse of the latest Affleck cutie – check out the thumbnails below.

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Photo credit: Fame / Flynet


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  1. Carla

    How cute is Violet in the main photo! What on earth is she licking. And I love her little flowery jeans. Any idea where they’re from?

  2. Darya

    Kind of creepy trying to get a photo of the baby through a tiny opening in the stroller. Very invasive to resort to such tactics to get a shot of a tiny baby.

    • Francesca

      Initially I thought the same thing, and wondered how close they had to get to get that photo. But… I’m hoping that they used one of those super lenses from far away because the picture isn’t real clear. One can hope…as much as I LOVE seeing these pictures every morning, the mom in me can’t help but empathize with these celeb parents.

  3. Anonymous

    Is it cold out there? What’s with the heavy jacket Violet is wearing? Jen doesn’t seem to be bundled up?

  4. Lucia

    It doesn’t look that heavy to me . . . but it sure does look windy! Maybe that’s why!

  5. Janiekins

    Love Violet’s outfit – so cute!

  6. melanie

    jen is soo pretty! and WhoTH is that guy?!? lol

  7. Anonymous

    I agree, the jeans are very cute.

    The weather in LA was not that cold. Just chilly. But, it was VERY windy here the past few days.

  8. Darnesha

    Super exicted to see more of this kind of stuff online.

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