Ryder Robinson Is Suit Sweet

Kate Hudson was spotted with her 5-year-old son Ryder Russell Robinson, who was dressed in a sharp suit, and a friend in Malibu on the weekend. Dad is Kate’s ex-husband, Chris Robinson, the frontman for The Black Crowes.

On the prying paparazzi, the Almost Famous star who turns 30 in a few days said, “They’ve become an entity to themselves. But eventually they’ll implode. They’re creating a house of cards that will inevitably fall. These are not nice people. When you’re taking your child to school, and they’re trying to get on school property to get a picture, it literally makes you want to just smack them.”

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Photo credit: Splash


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  1. Anonymous

    Kate should get together with SJP and maybe they could come up with enough money to actually feed these little waifs. They both look malnourished.

  2. jd

    his dad is really skinny too so I think it’s in his genes. i love the long hair. he looks so cute in his suit.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure the state of his hair is not causing you any bodily harm, so why does it matter?

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