Holly Robinson Peete & Daughter Ryan In LA

Holly Robinson Peete and 11 1/2-year-old daughter Ryan Elizabeth Peete were seen walking down Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA on Tuesday. Holly and her hubby Rodney Peete, former National Football League quarterback, are also parents to son Rodney Jr., who is Ryan’s twin, son Robinson, 6 1/2, and son Roman, 4.

Holly’s eldest son Rodney Jr. was diagnosed with autism. The 44-year-old mother of four recently accused fellow celeb mom, Amanda Peet, of “fearmongering” on the hot topic of childhood vaccinations: “I’m really disappointed to hear people like Amanda Peet—who have never been affected by autism—make public allegations like vaccinations don’t cause autism. But I know exactly what she is trying to do and that’s to instill fear: if your child doesn’t get vaccinations, you’re going to make every other child sick.”

Did you immunize your children?

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  • Pencils

    Vaccines DON’T cause autism. It’s been proved over and over and over again. I feel very sorry for the parents of autistic children, but their pain can’t change the facts. If anyone is fear-mongering, it’s people like Holly Robinson Peete, who are telling people that vaccines can cause autism, when they can’t. Period. However, it is possible for an unvaccinated child to contract formerly extremely rare (in the US) diseases like measles and whooping cough, and pass those diseases along to other children, even the ones who have been vaccinated. Vaccines don’t always “take”, and kids do need booster shots, so they are always at risk to catch diseases that they have been vaccinated against. You don’t vaccinate your child so that he or she won’t get the disease, you vaccinate your child to participate in herd immunity. If no one has the disease, your child won’t get it either. If a few people opt out for religious reasons, that’s OK, they don’t affect the numbers all that much. If lots of people opt out, especially for pointless reasons such as “vaccines cause autism” we’re going to see children beginning to suffer life-long afflictions and even die in frightening numbers. I happen to know someone who was one of the last children to contract polio before the vaccination was given to the entire US population. She can only walk short distances with crutches, otherwise she’s confined to a wheelchair, and was never able to have kids as her body couldn’t have supported a pregnancy. She doesn’t understand the current fad of being afraid of vaccines at all–because she’s spent all the life that she can remember (she was just a baby when she got ill) suffering the consequences of a disease later eradicated with vaccines.

    So, with all that, of course my daughter has been immunized, and on schedule.

  • Francesca

    Love Holly’s shoes!

  • Lucia

    Women like her give all women with autistic children a bad name. Let me take this moment to clear the air. We aren’t all stupid and believing everything we can so that we can blame someone else for our child’s condition. A lot of us still vaccinate our children and understand that not vaccinating them puts them at risk of death.

  • Dea

    i believe certain vaccinations is important (Dtap/polio/MMR etc.) but should be done in moderation and spacing them out. IMO parents should not look up and listen to celebrities regarding vaccinations issues. They arent medical professionals nor educated enough to justify the claims. Parent should trust their own instincts and judgement.

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