Matthew McConaughey Talks Bears & Babies

Adventure-loving dad Matthew McConaughey is featured as one of Elle magazine’s “Men We Love.” The Sahara star, who has 9-month-old son Levi with his girlfriend Camila Alves, chats about bear attacks, baby names and finding that perfect childbirth soundtrack.

On DJ’ing Brazilian songs while Camila was in labor: “Oh, they’ll snap. Camila was the one who wanted the music, but she was also really quick to say, “Skip that f**kin’ song!” So here I was blazing through this playlist while she’s nodding her head yay or nay, and I’m like, This next song better have that groove or I’m going to have to run across the bed and change it.”

On not following the family baby name tradition (Matthew’s brother Rooster named his son Miller Lyte): “Like calling him Jose Cuervo? No. I wouldn’t dare try to compete with Rooster. Now he’s got a daughter coming, and I think her name is going to be Margarita. I’m serious.”

On his rapport with women: “Look, I think Anthony Quinn once said, ‘There’s something wrong with any heterosexual man under 80 if he can’t find an angle with every woman.’ There’s a lot of truth to that.”

On being prepared for anything – including a Grizzly bear attack: “I believe right as that grizzly gets to you, he’s going to rear up, open his paws, and come down on you. You’re going to have to shoot the gap, go in straight to the chest, and take your bowie knife to the gut and pull up through the rib cage. If it’s a death shot, that grizzly’s going to fall on you. The real trouble’s going to be getting out from under it…. Oh, I have dreams about this kind of sh*t. I don’t want to wrestle any of these things, but I’m just saying, that’s what I’d do if the situation arose where I’m just sitting there and I go, Oh, look there. That grizzly has got my girl and child. How we gonna work this out?”

Matthew will be seen next alongside Jennifer Garner in the film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, hitting theaters next month.

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  • Lala


  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure he’s quite stable. And any woman who would allow her child to be named Miller Lyte is a jackass. Get a dog if you want to F*** with names.

  • Dea

    He must have the interview along with his bong..totally random and so waaaay out there dude!!

  • Lala

    I read an interview with his brother Rooster where he said that he named his kid Miller Lyte because a friend told him that since he was expecting a kid he couldn’t carry around a Miller Lite anymore, and he replied just wait, I will be able to carry a Miller Lite into church.

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