Harlow Madden Is A Hard Core Cutie!

What a little cutie! Harlow Winter Kate Madden, 15 months, was seen enjoying a sunny Friday afternoon with her mom, socialite Nicole Richie, and a friend at Greystone Park in Beverly Hills, CA. Nicole was photographed at Sharkys in Taluca Lake earlier that same day.

Nicole, 27, and her partner, Joel Madden, 30, are expecting their second child in late August/early September.

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Photo credit: Splash


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  1. melanie

    harlow’s getting so big!
    that’s her friend sophia, i’m following nicole on twitter lol.

  2. Anonymous

    IMO, she’s no longer the spitting image of her dad. I think she’s a perfect mix of Joel and Nicole now.

  3. Anna87

    i agree … i think i see more and more nicole in her. i just looked at some child photos of nicole and i can see some thinks that are similar. especially the hair …..

    I am so exited if harlow gets a sister or a brother. and im more exited about the name of the baby 🙂 what do you think.. any idees ?

  4. Anonymous

    wow! what a cutie, she is growing up so fast

  5. Francesca

    She is adorable and Nicole and Joel are really fun to follow on Twitter!

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