Rebecca Romijn Is A Laid-Back Mom

It sounds like Rebecca Romijn is taking life with twins in stride.

Rebecca, 36, and her husband Jerry O’Connell welcomed their twins Dolly and Charlie just 3 months ago, and her Eastwick co-star Lindsay Price reports that the new mom is a natural.

“She’s the most relaxed mom I’ve ever seen,” Lindsay tells People. “With twins and the demanding schedule of one-hour television, she keeps her cool. She never drops a line. She’s completely present. I don’t know how she does it.”

Lindsay reveals that Rebecca and Jerry’s daughters are regulars on the Eastwick set.

“They’re there every day. They’re so unbelievably cute. Dolly looks just like Rebecca. And Charlie looks just like Jerry. They’re beautiful babies. And whenever we were around them, they were completely silent. I think that’s a blessing. They’re very sweet-natured. I think her personality rubs off on them. Rebecca has this easygoing, centered personality.”

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