Bronx Wentz: Hangin’ At Melrose Place

It’s another peek at Bronx Mowgli! Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was seen with her baby boy, who turns 5 months tomorrow, in downtown LA on the set of ’90s nighttime soap Melrose Place.

It’s being reported that the 24-year-old former 7th Heaven star will play a small-town girl with a “disarming naiveté [that] masks the calculating, shrewd sex kitten within” on the much-anticipated spin-off.

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  1. melanie

    wow..he’s actually cute.

  2. .:.Mama to my Boy.:.

    He’s a little cutie!! When she was pregnant with him I totally expected him to have darker skin, and a lot of dark hair…a little mini-Pete!! Man was I wrong!! But he’s still a cutie!! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him!

  3. Anonymous

    Wow he’s big!! Zuma Rossdale is 7 months and he’s the same size or even a little bit smaller! He’s cute, hope he doesn’t end up looking like his dad….

  4. kw

    She looks fab! And he is such a cutie

  5. dlock

    He looks just like Ashlee Simpson. Not to sound mean, but I don’t think he’s that cute. He’s like Violet and Seraphina Affleck, not cute babies (not ugly) just not the cutest babies I have ever seen. I love all babies but that doesn’t mean all babies are cute. With that said, she looks really happy to be a mom.

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