Brangelina & Their Grocery Girls

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and two of their three daughters, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, who turns 3 next month, were seen doing some grocery shopping in New York City.

The 33-year-old mother of six, recently admitted to being exhausted: “The biggest problem is just lack of sleep. But all parents face that – you’re just grateful when the kids fall asleep and you can collapse on the couch together.”

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  • Anonymous

    these girls are getting so big… its hard to believe, They are so cute though

  • Anonymous

    tired little ladys 😉 very cute,

  • Carla

    Is Shiloh deliberately hiding her face from the paparazzi or is she just tired? If she’s hiding, that’s the first celeb child I’ve seen effectively use an object (in this case one of her silkies) to block the photogs view.

  • .:.Mama to my Boy.:.

    Shiloh looks soooo grown up in these pics! Maybe it’s the pony tail? adorable girls!

  • Kati

    OMG! These two girls both look sooo big already! Shi has grown a lot lately. She is a very tall girl now. She´ll sure be a tall young woman since both her parents are tall. That ponytail really makes her look so grown-up. And the dresses both girls are wearing are absolutely adorable. My guess is that Shi is holding that silky in front of her face because she is sleepy. Also Zee looks a little bit tired. Maybe that´s why she is sitting on the cart and sucking her thumb. Brad is still wearing that cute pink necklace that he wore already two weeks ago when he left for France. So maybe the girls have made that for their dear daddy and want him to wear it all the time. How cute is that!

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute family!

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