Denise Richards & Her Girls Are Brentwood Beauties

Denise Richards and her two daughters, Sam Sheen, 5, and Lola Sheen, 3 1/2, were spotted out shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday. After a little retail therapy, the girls hit a Brentwood playground with Denise’s father Irv Richards.

Keeping it civil for the kids, Denise recently met ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s newborn twin boys Max and Bob and said, “They’re amazing. Bob looks very similar to Sammy when she was an infant. It was very sweet.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Gina

    It’s so nice to see the girls withOUT their thumbs in their mouths!!!

  • Nat

    Those girls only look happy with their mother. The only pictures of they smiling are with Denise.

  • Anonymous

    I like Denise’s jeans.

  • Lucia

    Is that why they look so happy in the above picture? They just never look happy in general.

  • melanie

    sam is really starting to grow on me. getting mucchh cuter!

  • Vivien Leigh

    it sounds brutal but one looks more feminin that the other. may be thats why Sam isnt smiling at all while Lola looks more in comfort with herself… happens…not a big deal…

  • Vivien Leigh

    P.S. Espescially on that foto where left on the picture Sam is carrying bags, Denise is looking at Sam and Lola -her puppy…

  • Vivien Leigh

    P.S. 2 Why is Lola allways wearing dress ans Sam- not? I think thats the key, one is in comfort with herself- the other jelaus and unhappy with herself…happens…

  • Vivien Leigh

    second opportunity: may be the mother does have no right feeling in her communication with kids, so they feel lost like nobody is hearing. Can happen too, because of the story with the divorce and everything, may be mommy was nervous or daddy…or both seeing each other again…

  • Hunny

    Thank you Daniel! We both love our e-session pictures so much! You have such a wounerfdl talent at what you do. We, too, can’t wait to see our wedding pictures! eons means forever ♥

  • Onna

    She is gorgeous and that is not even a fall. The penformarce perfectly matches with the song, i mean, she is singing about throwing on myefbbbf Louboutins and becoming a free, self-confident woman. She fell, while she was wearing non-Louboutins, then she wore them and knocked it. everything is great! Jennifer is the Queen.

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