Calista Flockhart & Her Baseball Boy

Calista Flockhart watched her 7 1/2-year-old son, Liam, play baseball in Brentwood, CA. Liam gave the paparazzi a thumbs down upon getting in the car.

Reportedly, Calista, 44, and her fiance Harrison Ford, 66, are set to wed any day: “Rumours of their imminent wedding are said to be swirling in the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the couple have an 800-acre ranch. They have reportedly had blood tests, which in some parts of the U.S. are required in order to obtain a marriage licence.” This would be Calista’s first marriage, and the third for Harrison. He was married to Mary Marquardt for 15 years and then to Melissa Mathison for 18 years. He has four grown children and is now a grandfather as well.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. frenchie

    Calista seems very quiet as usual and this is the first time I see Liam taunting the paps !!!

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