Larry & His Baseball Kings

TV presenter Larry King, 75, and his wife, Shawn Southwick King, 48, were seen cheering on their sons Chance, 9 and Cannon, 8, as they played baseball with their little league team. The proud parents clapped and shouted as the boys played. After a successful game, the family all joined in the celebratory pizza.

Controversially, a few months ago, Larry’s sixth wife was reportedly caught having an affair with her son’s baseball coach Hector Penate.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • ivy

    is this his sixth wife, or is that someone else you’re talking about?

  • Jenny

    Yes, Shawn is # 6.

  • sarah

    that is sad. This woman is only in it for the money and what it will bring her. Don’t these old, rich men realize this? What is sad is those boys will not grow up long with a father. If he was not famous, people would think that was their great grandfather at their game.
    Sad that she feels like she must cheat on him.

  • mikese

    I wonder when larry will have some MLB players on his show to talk about how they get steroids online and juice up yet never seem to get in any trouble what is it with baseball that allows these guys to get away with it.

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