Jerry O’Connell: The Twins Love TV Time

Jerry O’Connell confesses that his 4-month-old twins Dolly and Charlie already have favorite television shows.

The girls may not be into Dora and Diego just yet, but Jerry says they do love Dancing with the Stars!

“They watch what I watch,” he tells People. “The news channels kind of bore them, but they love Dancing With The Stars. I think it’s the music and the people twirling and the color. It’s just a bright show. They also like Adam [Lambert] on American Idol. I put them in these rockers in front of the TV if I’m watching and they calm down. You watch their faces and they just smile. They really like it. I want them in the room with me, and I don’t put their faces up near the set.”

The proud dad goes on to say that Dolly and Charlie’s different personalities are starting to shine through.

“Dolly is very girly and she is kind of coy and looks at you out of the tops of her eyes. And Charlie… never cries, but when she wants something she growls.”

Cute! Jerry has been getting to spend a lot of time with his daughters as mom Rebecca Romijn is back to work on the set of the new series Eastwick. Though he recently said he’s grateful that Rebecca takes the night shift: “When one quiets down, the other one starts up. At night, I am sleeping more than my wife – who is a saint. She has to get up.”

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  1. Sandra

    The more I hear about these babies, the more I love them! Rebecca and Jerry are going to be great parents…

  2. Anonymous

    Great parents? Letting your 4mth olds watch and be soothed by tv is not great parenting it’s lazyness. Under 2’s should not be watching tv it is bad for their eyes and brain development.

    • Moore

      did you watch tv as a kid?

      so many people are quick to jump down someone’s throat about it now but those same parents (not all) may have watched tv as children. How is your development and your eyes?

      There are plenty of studies that are for and against it but what should attest to it is whether or not older generations have had problems. I have yet to see that and therefore cannot find the truth in your statement.

      It’s his children and he can put them in front of the tv if he wants.

  3. Luke Tobias

    Under 2 they are usually listening to what is going on.. they are way to young to know about tv.. Wonder where she is staying in Toronto..??
    Looks like Yorkville..??? Thank you very much Celebrity Baby Scoop…

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