Jessica Alba Preps For Honor’s 1st Birthday

Jessica Alba admits she’s already feeling the stress of having to plan a party for her daughter Honor’s first birthday in June.

“The first birthday is really more for the parents,” she recently said on The Tonight Show. “I don’t know. We might do, like, Dumbo… we might have, like, music guys. I’m going to bake a cake that she can eat and put all over her face.”

Jessica, 27, may want to work on her frosting recipe before the big day. She reveals that she attempted to make a batch of organic cupcakes for Easter and while the cupcakes themselves turned out “awesome” the icing definitely did not. She ended up tossing it in favor of the canned stuff: “It was like, all this organic stuff and then canned icing.”

Though from the sounds of it Honor isn’t a very picky eater! “She’s a big girl,” Jessica says of her “very healthy” 10-month-old daughter. “She’s almost as big as me! She’s, like, 25 pounds.”

How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday?

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  1. ivy

    my baby’s first birthday is coming up in july. we’re just going to have a family barbeque, and of course the little cake for him to make a mess with 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I certainly hope that Jessica is quite a bit bigger than 25 lb…..LOL!

  3. Julie Jenkins

    I think I read this same exact post verbatim on another site yesterday. I search for stories on Jessica Alba because I love her! And I swear, it was pretty much verbatim.

    I’m confused; Is the same person writing both these posts?

  4. Julie Jenkins

    I love Jessica Alba! What a great mom.

  5. melanie

    honestly my daughter’s first birthday back in october was just a family-filled backyard party! it was so much fun, grilled out, swam a bit and of course had a water fight at the end (birthday girl had fallen asleep lol).

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