Jennifer Lopez Says Emme Inherited Her Attitude

Jennifer Lopez says she and her husband Marc Anthony argue over who their 15-month-old twins Max and Emme most resemble.

“Me and Mark are always claiming, ‘He’s got my head and he’s got my mouth,'” Jennifer told Rachel Ray this week. “And he’s like, ‘He’s got my eyes and my nose, and I’m like, ‘Thank God she’s got my nose!’ It’s awful! I was like, ‘Look, they have lighter hair!’ And he goes, ‘That was me when I was a baby.’ Marc’s hair is pitch black, by the way. But you want it all to be you. She’s got my little body, it’s crazy. That’s the nature of who we are, we can’t help it. We’re both trying to steal it all.”

One thing she’s sure of, though, is that little Emme has inherited her mom’s attitude. While Max is more physical – “the visceral boy, running, knocking things down, eating the world” – Emme demands attention in other ways.

“Emme has her moments,” Jennifer reveals. “She’s funny because we call her Emme-tude. We’re like, ‘She’s giving us Emme-tude!’ She doesn’t do the whole knocking everything down and all that, but when she catches an attitude, wooooah! She gets that from her dad. I’m kidding – she gets it from me!”

Jennifer, 39, is seen here leaving Good Morning America in New York City on Friday.

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