Ed Burns & Christy Turlington Lend Fame To Family In Need

Ed Burns and Christy Turlington are putting their fame to good use.

The actor and his supermodel wife have joined the search for a bone marrow donor for 4-year-old Kai Anderson, who attends the same school as their son Finn, 3. Kai was recently diagnosed with Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Ed says that he was dropping Finn off at school when he saw a flyer posted on the wall about Kai’s diagosis and the family’s search for a donor. “It broke my heart,” the actor tells People.

“I went home and told my wife. We said, ‘What can we do to help this family?’ She called a friend and got more details. We wanted to do whatever we could.”

The couple, who are also parents to 5-year-old Grace, are spreading the word about a donor drive that is taking place this Saturday, May 2 at the Montessori School of Manhattan. They hope that by bringing the family’s plea to a broader audience they will have a better chance at finding a match for little Kai.

“When you have little kids, the idea that one of them could overnight come down with an illness that could take them away from you is the most terrifying notion,” Ed says. “It’s the type of news that makes you grab your kids and recognize just how lucky you are – and do whatever you can do to help. So come on down and get swabbed and registered into the donor bank. Maybe you won’t be a match for Kai, but you may end up helping someone else.”

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  • Sara Bartosz

    Christy and Ed are quite obviously genuine and wonderful neighbors, parents and citizens. It is one thing to enjoy fame, it is quite another to put it to use on behalf of humanitarian causes. Thank you, Christy and Ed for your caring and example. Peace.

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